Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Prayer Man people, the Prayermanites, are either incredibly stupid OR they are just a bunch of Ops who are brandishing Prayer Man as noise, as distraction from Oswald in the Altgens doorway. They have got this video up on Youtube, which includes this frame:

But, they aren't smart enough to realize that the image on the right, which they say is of Frazier, is not a photographic image. It looks more like a cartoon. It certainly is not indicative of a real person. Nobody could look like that. Nobody could be built like that. Look at his shape. Look at his angles. Look at his neck. It's practically non-existent. Look at the size and shape of his head. Not only does that look like a cartoon, it looks like a bizarre and twisted cartoon. Either it is a cartoon, OR it is an image so altered, so manipulated, so distorted, to be rendered meaningless. And if so, it makes the whole frame meaningless. 

It's all meaningless. Look below the so-called Frazier figure. There is a big white something there, but what it is I don't know. If it's a person, it's a person without a head. This was less than 10 seconds after the last shot because Baker hasn't gotten to the steps yet, and he claimed to get to the steps about 10 seconds after the last shot. So how, less than 10 seconds after the last shot, could the doorway look like that? What happened to Carl Jones? What happened to Popeye? Where are Shelley and Lovelady? And who are all these strange people? Someone actually tried to claim that they are people rushing into the TSBD to take cover from the shots. 

The whole image is so completely bizarre and unintelligible that it can't be relied upon for any information whatsoever.  Yet, they want to use it to establish Oswald in the doorway. 

Well, at least they are championing Oswald in the doorway during the shots. 

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