Sunday, March 20, 2016

The following is by Charles Jupiturn concerning the alterations to Altgens7. I haven't delved into Altgens7- hardly at all. But, I am entirely open to the idea that it was altered. 

Charles Jupiturn: Altgens 7 was also altered.  The photo editors completely removed 
her right hand and just put a big splotch of white over it.  It looks like they were 
trying to hide the blood on her right glove. The entire front windshield of the limo 
has been completely blackened out. This is a major alteration.

Ralph Cinque: Whatever they did must have been fast and furious because A7 was 
published widely on the afternoon of 11/22, unlike A6. 

Charles Jupiturn: That would explain why the white blotch hiding Jackie's right 
hand comes off as the most amateur photoshopping ever.  It was a rush job.
They were trying to simulate a gloved white hand, and it worked
good enough for the grainy newspapers of 1963, but falls apart
under scrutiny in 2016.  Of course, it looks nothing like a human hand.

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