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Mar 19
Did Oswald visit Mrs. Paine's house because she was giving a party for the
children on the weekend? No! Oswald went there to get his rifle.

Did a rogue CIA conspirator leave the light on in Mrs. Paine's garage?No!
Oswald left the light on. He was breaking down his rifle so he could make
it fit into the long bulky package.

Did Oswald pick up curtain rods at Mrs. Paine's?  !@##$%^ No! Oswald
didn't need anyone curtain rods nor did any store clerk come forward with
information saying that he or she sold Oswald curtain rods.  Oswald went
to Mrs. Paine's to shoot JFK in the brain.

Why would Oswald put his Incredibly long lunch bag in the back seat of Mr.
Frazier's vehicle?  Oswald didn't bring a lunch bag.  He put a bag
containing his rifle in the backseat.

Why would Oswald bring curtain rods into the TSBD?  He brought his rifle
in TSBD in to order to blow JFK's head off. 

The scenario for Oswald having brought the rifle to work is particularly lacking in credibility, and it is nothing that people like Boz should be showcasing. If Boz were smarter, he would know that. But, he isn't smart. 

As to why Oswald went to visit his wife that Thursday, he never said, and he's not here to tell us. We know he denied the curtain rod story. So, it's his word against Frazier's on that. So, who are you going to believe? And there is a lot we don't know. According to Marina Oswald, she and Lee spoke on Monday but not after that, and he showed up that Thursday evening without informing her in advance that he was coming and not getting permission from her or Ruth Paine to stay the night at that house. Is it true? If it is, it was awfully presumptuous. Read this testimony of Marina's:

Mr. RANKIN. Did your husband give any reason for coming home on Thursday?
Mrs. OSWALD. He said that he was lonely because he hadn't come the preceding weekend, and he wanted to make his peace with me.
Mr. RANKIN. Did you say anything to him then?
Mrs. OSWALD. He tried to talk to me but I would not answer him, and he was very upset.
Mr. RANKIN. Were you upset with him?
Mrs. OSWALD. I was angry, of course. He was not angry--he was upset. I was angry. He tried very hard to please me. He spent quite a bit of time putting away diapers and played with the children on the street.

Played with the children on the street? Do you know what time sunset occurs in Dallas on November 21? According to this chart, it's at 5:23.

That means it was dark or getting dark by the time they got there. So, after going in and arguing with his wife and trying very hard to please her and spending quite a bit of time putting away diapers, he played with the children on the street? In the dark? Marina spewed a lot of shit in her testimony- which she has never accounted for. 

So, to answer Boz, we don't know the details of how Oswald wound up going there that Thursday. But, he certainly didn't go there to get a rifle he didn't even own. Oswald denied owning any rifle, and if you read John Armstrong and Gil Jesus, we know that the evidence trail for Oswald supposedly acquiring it from Klein's is false and fabricated.

As for Oswald leaving the light on in the garage, we don't know that he did. We only know that Ruth Paine claims that he did. He's not here. He was conveniently killed two days after the assassination. As a behavior, it seems very unlikely that he would have left a light on. Let's remember: the claim of that light being left on is the ONLY thing linking Oswald to that garage. Ruth Paine never claimed to find any evidence of a rifle being broken down, of a blanket being left sprawled on the floor, of tools having been moved, or of anything having been disturbed. If he was stupid enough to leave the light on, wouldn't he probably have left things in disarray? But, not one thing looked different to her? Just the light? Nothing else? 

Marina said Oswald went to bed before she did. She said he was asleep by 9. She said she stayed up to 11:30. So, during the time that he was supposedly in the garage dismantling the rifle, where did she think he was? How come he wasn't missed? It was a very small house. And how come she and Ruth didn't hear him out in the garage doing what he was doing? The light being left on by him isn't very credible nor is anything else about the whole scenario. Boz just accepts the story as spewed by Ruth Paine but why does he assume that others are obliged to? Answer: Boz is not very smart. 

As for the curtain rods, again, Oswald denied saying anything about curtain rods. And why would he go there to steal Ruth Paine's curtain rods? Even if he had seen some curtain rods in her garage, why would he assume that he could just take them without asking her? Who does that? 

The curtain rod story comes down to one person, Buell Frazier, saying that Oswald said he was going there to get curtain rods, and Oswald denying that he ever said it. That's it. That's the totality. So, who are you going to believe? Frazier or Oswald?

Regarding the bag, it is an especially weak area of the story. It was, reportedly, a bag that Oswald made, but nobody saw him make it. And not even Frazier reported seeing it that Thursday evening, even though Oswald supposedly had it on his person when they drove to Irving. Nor did Ruth Paine nor Marina Oswald claim to see it. But worst of all, at 8:05 as Oswald entered the building, Jack Dougherty saw him carrying nothing. And that's despite the fact that Frazier claimed that Oswald was carrying this long bag in his arm pit. So, who are you going to believe? Frazier or Oswald and Dougherty? 

And I should point out that nobody else in the TSBD reported seeing Oswald with any long bag. There was a multitude of people in there, and Oswald would have been in plain view of a lot of them. Nobody reported it. 

Why would Oswald bring curtain rods into the TSBD? That's not even the right question. The right question is: why wouldn't Dallas Police check on Oswald's statement of having brought only his lunch, a cheese sandwich and an apple, which he ate in the domino room, by looking for the remnants of it in the trash? They never reported not finding it upon looking for it- which would have proven that he lied. So maybe they did look for it and find it. You didn't have to be Lieutenant Columbo to do it.  

I gave Boz his name. It's short for Bozo. Bozo the Clown. And that's what he is. He is particularly deficient in his mental aptitude, as evidenced by this query. 

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