Sunday, March 27, 2016

What an idiot. Backes disputes my claim that Oswald never went to Mexico City. Now, you'd think he'd start by saying something direct, such as "Oswald did go to Mexico City." But, Backes didn't. First, he falsely said that I rest my case entirely on Oswald's denial. Not true. I emphasized, repeatedly, that the lack of an image of Oswald in Mexico City is very strong evidence that he wasn't there. And not only is there no image of Oswald in Mexico City, it's worse than that because there are, instead, images of Oswald impostors in Mexico City.

Having impostor images is worse than having no image at all of Oswald in Mexico City. Why would they have to resort to Oswald impostors if he really went there? This is terribly bad.

The fact is that there is no solid evidence that Oswald went there. The Mexican woman from the Cuban Embassy who claimed to have an affair with Oswald said that he was her height which was 5'3". The Oswald of fame was 5'9". 

And once again, Backes makes it out like I, alone, claim Oswald never went to Mexico City, when he knows full-well that I cited two research giants, Mark Lane and John Armstrong, who say the same thing. 

The case for Oswald having gone to Mexico City is so weak that even Backes refuses to state outright that Oswald went there.

Backes says the CIA had photographic surveillance. Then why no image of Oswald in Mexico City?

Backes refers to an HSCA staffer as one of the best JFK researchers. Backes: you should never, ever, again say that anyone connected with the HSCA was among the best JFK researchers. That is ridiculous, you stupid fool.  The HSCA was just another government white-wash, like the Warren Commission. You haven't figured that out yet? 

Oswald did NOT go to Mexico City. Period. I have no trouble making direct statements. It's my nature to make them. 

Oswald did NOT go to Mexico City. Mark Lane and John Armstrong are right about it. Joseph Backes is wrong. 

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