Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Idiot Backes faulted me for not mentioning Frank Sinatra Jr.'s kidnapping in 1963. Backes, I wasn't writing his biography. I was reacting to the man's death. I knew about his kidnapping, but I didn't feel like mentioning it. I didn't think it was important. It wasn't the essence of him. It didn't define him. I talked about what I wanted to talk about; what I was feeling in response to his suddenly dying.

You are so bitter and bilious, you'll fault me if I don't write my blogs the way you would. I'll write my blogs the way I want. 

And you finally got around to trashing my singing. I know you've wanted to for months, but you never said a word. You just couldn't find the right segue, could you. But, last night you did. There, there now. Don't you feel better?

Hey, I know I'm no great singer, but when I do the songs, I want people to hear the words, and there is no one else to sing them except me.  I'm well aware that no one is ever going to pay to hear me sing, and I wouldn't pay to hear the likes of me sing either.  I only hope to do well enough to convey the feeling of the song. You see, I really like the songs: the words and the music. 

And just because you got rotten and nasty about it, I did another song. That's right; you got me to singing. And this song is one that I dedicate to Frank Sinatra Jr.  It's from the Sinatra collection. It's certainly a Sinatra signature song- sung by both  father and son. It was written by the magnificent songwriter Harold Arlen with lyrics by the incomparable wordsmith Johnny Mercer. It's called: 

Come Rain or Come Shine

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