Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Well, it's Halloween, and there's nothing scarier than me singing, right? So, let's have a song. This is my rendition of the classic 1930 jazz standard Body and Soul by Johnny Green. It continually amazes me that Johnny Green wrote this because he mostly composed film scores, for instance for Easter ParadeWest Side Story, and An American in Paris, all of which won him Academy Awards. But, Body and Soul is so deeply and darkly jazzy; it sounds like something Thelonious Monk might have written. It is also the last song recorded by the gifted Amy Winehouse in a duet with Tony Bennett, and they really took it to the heights and made it soar. The song is haunting but made even more so by her tragic death. This is one of those songs for which I just don't know how Johnny Green sat down at a piano with some staff paper and a pencil and wrote it. It is so unique and so good. It is the most recorded song in jazz history, Body and Soul.  


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