Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Apparently, it isn't as hard as some people think to come up with a body double. We know that Saddam Hussein had several body doubles who would make appearances for him. And, there are people today who say that the Saddam Hussein they tried and convicted and sentenced to death in Iraq was a double. And if he was a double, I presume he wasn't really put to death. 

This is from David Icke, who claims that the Saddam they tried was not the real Saddam Hussein.

So, on the right are presumably images of the real Hussein, and on the left is the impostor who was tried. Note his teeth, because the real Saddam had practically a Colgate smile.   

It struck me immediately upon seeing him that he was a different man. But regardless, it is absolutely certain that Hussein had body doubles who passed for him for years.

Many people believe that Hillary Clinton had a body double during the 2016 campaign, that she got very sick at a 9/11 event and had to be swifted away to Chelsea's apartment, and then shortly afterwards, she appeared in front of the building, fresh, lively and frolicking with a child. 

There are lots of videos about it on Youtube.  Here's one by a doctor.

And there are also a ton of debunking articles about it, that mock the "conspiracy theorists" who believe it.   

I'm not saying it's true, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's true. And I am not putting up any pictures of her either. Too many people who have crossed the Clintons have shuffled off this mortal coil, if you catch my drift. And frankly, it was during the 2016 U.S. Presidential race, the most grueling race in the world. And she was running against Donald Trump, seen as a peril to the nation by many. So, if the idea surfaced to have a double for her, to cover for her on her bad days, and to relieve her of some of the hand-waving and baby kissing, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. 

I'm just pointing out how possible it is, so that when I discuss an Oswald double being used that third weekend of November 1963, it isn't summarily dismissed.  

It is widely known that Joseph Stalin, who may have killed more people than anyone else who ever lived, used body doubles.

The double is on the left. His real name was Felix Dadaev.  The real Stalin is on the right. 

Another example is Osama bin laden. I don't know if he used them, himself. Maybe he did.  But the CIA has definitely used doubles of him. Here is Osama bin laden in 2001.

And here is an image of him that was released at the time of his "assassination" in 2011.
You would have to have just fallen off the turnip truck if you believe that a man who had kidney failure and was on dialysis could emerge 10 years later looking like that: markedly younger, healthier and stockier. I'm pretty sure aging just goes in one direction, and kidney failure only speeds up the process. 

Hitler had a body double. His name was Gustav Waler. It's Waler on the right below and Hitler on the left.  

There are rumors that Winston Churchill had a body double, but I haven't found any images. 

A Mexican politician, Renato Gomez, publicly sought some body doubles. 

So, if you believe as I do that Oswald was framed and innocent, and that the plan to use him that way was set up long in advance, then it's hardly surprising that they could come up with a double this good.

Yes, they look alike, but it isn't that hard to see that they are different men. 

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