Wednesday, November 21, 2018

I have often said that when we study the Man in the Doorway, we can not only recognize Oswald in the person, but we can recognize Oswald's clothes. And that includes his t-shirt. 

I never heard it before, but there is an expression called "bacon neck" and it refers to when the collar of a t-shirt gets stretched and deformed, causing it to be wavy like bacon.  

And that is what we see on Oswald.

And we are seeing on the Doorway Man.

So, there you have Oswald's widely splayed long-sleeved shirt over the the old stretched t-shirt. Below, we are looking at the same shirt and the same t-shirt. It's the same clothes. And you can see how well the shape of the face matches and the lean build. It is the same man and the same clothes. Do you understand that? 

You have to realize how conclusive this is. It was a gross lie when they said that Oswald and Lovelady looked alike, and the stories they told, such as Lovelady's step-kids mistaking Oswald for their dad, and even Lovelady's wife seeing Oswald from behind at the TSBD and thinking he was her husband- all were lies. JUST LOOK AT HOW WELL THOSE FACES MATCH. It's the same guy. BUT, IT'S ALSO THE SAME CLOTHES. And that includes the same t-shirt- the same unique, distinctively deformed t-shirt.

So, what is the most important fact about the JFK assassination? It is that the alleged shooter was standing in the doorway at the time of the shots, and we have a photograph of him standing there. And that truth, like the truth about the assassination itself, underwent it's own elaborate and diabolical cover-up, which continues to this day. 

I think the JFK Presidential Library should give its Profile in Courage award to someone who advances this truth. And no, I don't mean me. I mean someone of stature. How about, dare I say, a Kennedy?      

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