Sunday, November 11, 2018

This is the FBI image of Lovelady's face from February 1964. Why does it look like it's shaped like an s?  I mean: that's freaky. 
I believe it looks like that because they manipulated the photo to hide the fact of Lovelady's protruding ears. 

So, that's supposed to be the same guy, and it is the same guy. But, there is a disconnect between the images. That tells us that one of the images must have been manipulated, dishonestly. So, who do you think did it, the chicanery? Do you think it was the FBI (on the left), or do you think it was Mark Lane (on the right)? I know it was the FBI, and I know why they did it: they were trying to hide the fact of Lovelady's protruding ears, since Doorman doesn't have them. 
I used to wonder: Why didn't they put Lovelady in front of a sea of cameras to show the world how much he looked like Oswald? The answer is: because he didn't look like Oswald. 

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