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Years ago, Lance Uppercut created a series of GIFs to show the very discernible pattern of Billy Lovelady's shirt. (if new here, there's a link right over there to his page >>>>>)

Lovelady's shirt had a series of horizontal and vertical, black and white stripes There was something unique about the stripes as well. The horizontal white stripe alternated as to being either above or below the black stripe.

At least the Punk acknowledges that Lovelady's stripes were horizontal and vertical. But as for Lance Uppercut (whose real name is Steve Haydon) he seems to think that Lovelady's stripes were diagonal. At least, that's how he drew them below. 

In his ignorance, Haydon tried to imply that Doorman was leaning, and that's what made his stripes diagonal. However, Doorman was NOT leaning. And you know that because his head is straight and vertical. I drew an axis line through Doorman's head, and you can see that it's vertical.  And when a person leans his body, his head goes along for the ride. 

The head leads, and the body follows. The whole purpose of leaning is to get your head somewhere. Well, not when you stretch, but when you are trying to see something, yes. You wouldn't lean your body and leave your head behind. 

And we know that Doorman wasn't leaning because we can see him at the exact same time in the Wiegman film standing perfectly straight. 

So, Haydon's  art work is nonsense. He doesn't know what he is talking about. And the truth is that there are no lines: vertical, horizontal, or otherwise on Doorman's shirt. And there is no plaid pattern to it. There isn't a single box on it. It's not like Lovelady's shirt, on which you could play checkers. 

And keep in mind that that wasn't really Lovelady's shirt. The shirt he wore on 11/22 was this one:

Lovelady's shirt is unbuttoned because he is demonstrating the look of Doorway Man. But, why would he do that unless it was the shirt he wore that day?

The above images were taken by the FBI and sent to the Warren Commission, although they didn't do anything with them. We don't even know if anybody even looked at them. But then, in the 1970s, when the HSCA was re-examining it, they decided to add more shadow to the FBI photos, particularly the center one. 

It makes quite a difference, don't you think? He looked thuggish in the original photos, which they apparently didn't like. 

 Lovelady was seen standing in and identified in the photo as standing in that spot, at that moment in time.

Oswald wasn't. By anyone. Ever.

Now, here are the facts: 

The Warren Commission had Lovelady, and they had Altgens, and Altgens had his camera.  So, all they had to do was have Lovelady stand in the doorway- in whatever shirt he claimed to have worn- and have Altgens take another picture. In other words: duplicate the doorway image with just Doorman. But, instead of doing that, they settled for lip-flapping. But not just any lip-flapping. They settled for pre-screened lip-flapping -  people that they knew ahead of time were going to say that Doorman was Lovelady. 

One of the people they got was a woman, a Mrs. Donald something. I forget her last name. But, she wasn't even there that day. And yet, they got her to look at the picture and say that Doorman was Lovelady. Why did they resort to her? Why didn't they get someone else who was there, such as Joe Molina or Sarah Stanton? Apparently, there weren't too many people willing to say that Doorman was Lovelady.  The pickings were slim. 

And Lovelady, himself, did not testify that he was Doorman. He and Joseph BOTH talked around it. They just talked about arrows in the the light and in the dark but without plainly stating that Doorman was Lovelady. Why didn't they say it? Well, Lovelady didn't want to lie, but he also didn't want to upset the 800 pound gorilla that Joseph Ball was. So, what he did was draw a tiny little arrow to another figure, as if to whisper to Ball, "Psst. I really wasn't Doorman."

So, the big arrow that is mostly in the white on the left was Frazier's, and the little line on the forearm of Black Hole Man was Lovelady's. But, most of Lovelady's arrow was drawn in the black space of the enclosure of Lovelady's arms. And that is how it wound up being two arrows, one in the white and one in the black, but pointing to two different people.  Of course, Joseph Ball didn't point out that they were pointing to two different people. Instead, he quickly changed the subject. 

It was like a Stalinist Show Trial, and if you didn't give the right answer: Lovelady, you were not allowed to testify to the WC. And, I'm sure you heard a mouthful after that too. 

So, the fact that the Warren Report contains no testimonies that Doorway Man was Oswald is the most obvious, "Duh" in the history of duhs. They were never going to allow that because it would have eviscerated the Warren Report.  

In his book The JFK Horsemen, Larry Rivera describes how one of the witnesses, Buell Frazier, was monitored and tracked and controlled after the assassination. And it's still true to this day, except that he has other handlers today, such as Debra Conway. 

But, what about others who were in the doorway, such as Joe Molina? How come we have never heard a word FROM Joe Molina?  When you think about all he went through- where they stormed his house in the wee hours and treated him like he was Oswald's accomplice. It is ludicrous because the people high up knew very well that Oswald was innocent. So, if Oswald was innocent, how could Molina be anything but innocent? 

It's clear that they wanted to scare the shit out of Joe Molina. They wanted to harass him. It's all in Larry's book. He was fired, and it was hard for him to find another job- and he had a large family to support. He eventually found one as the bookkeeper for a credit union- but at much lower pay than he was making at the TSBD.

It's funny that they could pay high salaries to some people when the only income stream was from "order-fillers" ferreting out small book orders from the maze of boxes they had piled up randomly there and bringing them to one shipper, Troy West, who wrapped them in brown paper and tied them with string. How he labelled them we don't know to this day because we have never seen a labelled parcel or any outgoing parcel from the TSBD. Not one. 

Think about that for a minute, that we have never seen a single outgoing parcel, even though the entire revenue stream of the business depended on whatever margin they had on those small book orders. Supposedly.

And yet, they had this large clerical staff with rows of desks on the second floor? It makes no sense, which is to say: it doesn't add up, in dollars and cents. 

And why, since Joe Molina was interrogated by Joseph Ball, the same lawyer who interrogated Frazier and Lovelady and others about Doorman, why didn't Joseph Ball ask Molina about Doorman? He didn't. 

But, the point is that we know that Buell Frazier is damaged goods, and I wonder what mental state Joe Molina is in. He's alive, and he still lives in the Dallas area. 

That Oswald was the Man in the Doorway is settled now beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt. Larry Rivera's overlays alone settle the matter. 

And there is nothing that the pinks and the punks can do about it. 

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