Monday, November 26, 2018

Don Mitchell: 
In Afghanistan for example, JSOC/JTAC, along with CIA's "SAD," or "Special Activities Division," are running the entire show! First time since the Bay of Pigs, that CIA has run a theatre of operation...on their own and independent of the Military!
The largest CIA Station (ever since Laos) is in Afghanistan! where as: in Iraq, the Defense and State Department are running the show.
But what happens when America leaves? How much longer can America sustain the war effort independent of her 70 cents on the tax dollar going to the war effort?
The answer: Not much longer.

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Ralph Cinque After 17 years of war, the Taliban controls as much of Afghanistan today as before the war started. We have NO CHANCE of beating them militarily, and isn't it obvious? So, how about we just get out, as we did in Vietnam? We killed 3 million Southeast Asians first, but then we left. You want to wait until we've killed 3 million Afghans? We've already killed hundreds of thousands. Isn't that enough?


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