Saturday, November 24, 2018

This is a followup to Tom Clancy. I made another collage of the real Oswald with the impostor who exited the elevator with Fritz and company before the shooting spectacle. 
So, Oswald had no apparent hairline recession on his right side. If he had it, it was covered by a comb-over. But, the other man's hair was too short for that. There are no other images of Oswald's hair looking like that. You notice the wavy eyebrows on Oswald, being directly above his eye medially but spaced far above it laterally. That's on the left. Then, note the very straight-across eyebrows on the other guy. You notice the larger and more prominent nose on the real Oswald and the flared shape of his nostrils. The other guy had a short, blunt nose, with less character to the nasal tip cartilage. Oswald's ear was larger and with different architecture. I am very convinced that these are two different men. But, if they had this impostor on Sunday, then they had him on Saturday, and I suspect that he is the one who met with H. Louis Nichols and declined help in getting an attorney.   

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