Friday, November 30, 2018

Rafael. That's my birth name. My father called me Rafael. My grandpa called me "Raff." But now, we are going to revisit a Rafael I wrote about in 2016 during the Presidential primary: Rafael Cruz.

If you recall, there was a tabloid ruckus about him being seen with Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans, handing out pro-Castro leaflets. I'm not so sure about that image, but I found one of what appears to be him, and certainly looks like him, watching the JFK motorcade in Dallas. 

Well, six days ago, for the first time, Rafael Cruz admitted that he was in Dallas at the time, and he DID watch the motorcade. 

Even the author of the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram article, whose name happens to be Bud Kennedy, said that, although everyone can remember where they were on that fateful day, "as far as I can tell, he never told reporters." 

And I agree. that at the time, Cruz NEVER admitted that he was in Dallas, and he was at the scene watching the JFK motorcade. 

Well, if you recall, I made a big stink because I thought I found an image of him there. 

That is certainly enough likeness to suspect that it was him. 

And Jim Fetzer recognized the man standing next to him at the motorcade: anti-Castro hit man Antonio Veciana. 

In his new 2018 admission, Cruz said that he was having lunch with co-workers at a restaurant named the Music Box on Cedar Springs Road.  “I was having lunch at that restaurant and we came outside and stood on the sidewalk,” he said.

However, the image I found is the famous Dallas Times-Herald photo of the JFK limo taken by Robert Allen on Main Street, shortly before it turned right on Houston Street, at the entrance of Dealey Plaza. The Cruz-like figure could probably see the Kill Zone from where he was.

But, the question now is this: Why didn't Rafael Cruz admit in 2016 that he did indeed watch the JFK motorcade? It's a big deal, don't you think? He could still have denied knowing Lee Harvey Oswald, but why not admit it? Why did he wait until now? And why bother admitting it now? Is it because his son had already been reelected, so he might as well grab some more spotlight while he can? 

Does Rafael Cruz' late admission of being in Dallas at the JFK motorcade give me more confidence that that was him in the Robert Allen photo? Yes, it does.   

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