Sunday, November 25, 2018

I heard an interesting quote today, but I'd rather not say who said it. But, the gist of it was that the mainstream media can never be truthful about the JFK assassination because the mainstream media was complicit in the crime of killing Kennedy. 

And I believe that because when you think about how quickly they fell in line with the official story, it made them an accessory after the fact in the murder. They really do have blood on their hands. 

And if JFK truth were to explode on the scene, publicly, who would feel the weight of the hammer? 

I don't think it would be any of the few of the perpetrators who are still living.  The main one who is still living, who apparently had a supervisory role over some shooters in Dealey Plaza, specifically those in the Dal-Tex building, is very old, and it looks to me like he has lost his mental capacity. He'll probably die of natural causes before too long, but regardless, it's already too late to go after him. 

Who else is there that's still alive? There's Ruth Paine, and I don't know anything about her mental capacity. But, do you know who I think is a much bigger culprit than Ruth Paine? Marina Oswald. The fallacious and felonious testimony of Marina Oswald comprises at least 80% of the case against Oswald in the Warren Report. She, single-handedly, got him convicted, so to speak. Talk about throwing your spouse to the wolves. She really painted him to be a monster. So, the one who would have the most " 'splainin' " to do would be her. And frankly, I think it would be very important, and not for the sake of punishing Marina either.  Rather, the importance stems from the need to find out what exactly they did to her to get her to say those things. She reversed herself on a great many things. When first asked about the rifle, her response was that Oswald owned one to go hunting with - in Russia. Why would she bring that up if he owned a rifle here? She, at first, knew nothing about any trip to Mexico City, but later on, it came back to her. She at first knew nothing about the Backyard Photos, but then she remembered. She at first knew nothing about Oswald shooting at General Walker, but later, she spewed all kinds of details, saying that he took the bus. She never went so far as to say that he had anything against Kennedy, but she said he also sought to kill Nixon, with a ridiculous, totally implausible story. 

The only thing I want from Marina is for her to reveal to us how they got her to say the things she said about Oswald, the lies she told. How exactly did she go from being Oswald's wife to becoming the Stepford Wife of the FBI? I suspect it involved MK-ULTRA tactics, including mind control drugs. It probably also involved the kind of tactics that cults use to indoctrinate their members. Marina was suddenly thrust into a world that was cut off from the outside. She was surrounded only by people who saw Oswald as monster. That's what was fed to her: morning, noon, and night: he was a monster; he was a monster; he was a monster. 

But, the point is that, today, the cover-up of the JFK assassination, which started on the day of the murder, is a much bigger crime than the murder.  It involves more people, more institutions, and how, for instance, can the JFK Presidential Library not be considered a culprit in it? Didn't they sell out as well? Do you know what it says on their website? It says that it is a "public/private partnership." 

"The John F. Kennedy Library Foundation and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum continue to be a model of a public/private partnership. While the Kennedy Library and Museum receives an annual federal appropriation for building maintenance and a portion of its personnel costs, the appropriation from Congress provides less than half of the Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum's annual budget. The balance is provided by fees generated by admission to the Museum, the Museum Store, and the use of the Library's meeting facilities; and through the generosity of thousands of private individuals, corporations and foundations who donate money and in-kind services to the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation."

But, we should realize that it's very possible that what they did and are doing is exactly what JFK would have wanted. If we could have talked to him a few minutes before he died and told him what was about to happen, before he was thrust back into it unaware, what do you think he would have said he hoped his family would do about it? Do you think he would have wanted them to become pariahs and outcasts? To take on the whole Establishment, including the underworld of the Establishment? Would he have wanted that for his wife? For his brothers? And what about his son? You know his son dabbled too close to it, and look what happened to him. Would JFK have wanted that?

When you think about what happened; to witnesses; to Dorothy Kilgallen; to George DeMohrenschildt; to seven FBI agents who were going to testify to the HSCA but instead died mysteriously; to Billy Lovelady; and I even wonder, with grave suspicion about the deaths of James and Clara Altgens. From carbon monoxide? That's been an instrument of murder for a long time.  

The result is that it's a scary, a frightening situation. Would they, as the second decade of the 21st century draws to a close, kill again to stifle JFK truth? Personally,  I don't doubt that they would. I don't think they would have any inhibition to. 

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