Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Thank you, Bill Benton.

Bill Benton The first thing to notice about "Altgens-6" is that there is a LOT of "weird sh*t" going on with this picture...which translates into photo manipulation. Then, as a prime example of this...we have the face of "Door-man" (looking very strange) which clearly appears to be a composite of two or more images. I've been convinced, for sometime, that this is suspect Oswald, but BARE MINIMUM, an honest researcher must needs admit (as indicated above) that there are many strange aspects to this photo...which should raise SERIOUS suspicions. Of course, if you've been at this work for awhile, you'd know that virtually all of the photographic (and other physical) evidence in this case was either altered or destroyed, key chains of evidence were broken, and that witness testimony--in many, many cases--was either ignored or manipulated. Some of these key witnesses (apparently deemed especially problematic), such as Craig Roberts, were even disposed of...even as our 35th American president was in Dallas in 1963.
Bill Benton The entire case was just FILTHY with corruption and cover-up, and if you cannot see this, this does not speak well of your perception or, perhaps, your integrity. Even the HSCA (which was beset with many problems and determined obstruction) finally conSee More
Bill Benton Now--finishing up--I should probably remind you that--significantly--Lovelady was wearing a short-sleeved, vertically stripped shirt on that day, which bore NO RESEMBLANCE to the shirt worn by the "Doorman" figure in this photograph. Anyone STILL maintaining that this is Lovelady needs a new eyeglass Rx...or a thorough spanking!!!! The issue was long ago resolved...and I have no interest AT ALL in LN "True Believer" Blockhead propaganda about it (like found on the "Fairplay for JFK" webpage or a terribly embarrassing "Mysteries in the Museum" recent episode. These people are as intelligent and honest as the members of the "Flat-Earth Society"...or those who are convinced that 2 + 2 = 5. (or those who insist that anyone not believing in the Holy Trinity should be put excommunicated, or maybe STONED)!!
Bill Benton Lone Nutter idiots fall solidly in the category of "Special Pleading." No amount of evidence which contradicts the Official Narrative will satisfy them, because--FROM THE VERY START--they have ALREADY made up their minds. Attempting some polite dialog with one of these lunkheads is a futile enterprise, about as promising as a hitting your head against a brick wall, and expecting some brilliant idea to suddenly and miraculously appear. Their "meat" is LN doctrine-dogma, and NOTHING ELSE!!!

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