Thursday, November 22, 2018

Don Lee Donohue A Coup d`Etat took place in Dallas. George H.W. Bush picked the ambush site of Dealey Plaza where he was part owner of the Dal-Tex building. He knew it would be the ideal detour for a triangulated hit. That was to set up Nixon for `68, Warren Commission, Gerald Ford, named V.P. and later becomes President. Names Bush director of CIA. Reagan later makes Bush VP. He keeps the Kennedy assassination from being re-opened as voted in favor of by The House Committee on Assassinations. Bush then becomes President himself, and later another Bush as Prez.. A third Bush was supposed to become Prez in 2016 (but someone even worse snuck in instead). There`s the Coup d`Etat dots connected. Nothing happened by chance. It was all in the plans even though some delays. There are no coincidences. Just proven facts that all add up.

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