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I found something big! And it starts with this video, which shows Oswald on Sunday morning. The garage shooting took place at 11:20, and this couldn't have happened much before that. So, here we get to see the real Oswald on Sunday morning. Start at 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

Of course, that's a blurry image, but there is a lot I can tell you about it. We know it's Sunday morning because we see Leavelle, and he is wearing his Easter suit, which he only wore on Sunday, and because we hear a reporter say, "they are moving Oswald to the County Jail later today." Notice that Oswald is STILL in a t-shirt. They took his outer shirt from him on Friday at 4 PM, and here on Sunday morning, he is still in just a t-shirt. This was Dallas in late November, and the day after the assassination was distinctly cooler. There was a shift in the weather. When you see men who are comfortable indoors in shirts and ties and hats and jackets, how dare they keep Oswald in just a t-shirt? And, it was a very flimsy t-shirt at that. But, I digress.  

Now, we know that it was the 3rd floor. We know that because that is where the press room was, and that's where they let reporters go. They didn't let them go any higher. Plus, you can hear a reporter say that "they have taken Oswald back upstairs to the 4th floor where the Dallas City Jail is located." Actually, the City Jail was on the 5th floor. But remember, Oswald spent the night up there. So, if they brought him down to the 3rd floor, it was probably for that last interrogation. Why else? And now they were taking him back to the jail. However, the official story has it different. This is what Professor John McAdams shows on his interactive timeline of the life of Lee Harvey Oswald.  

9:30 AM: LHO is signed out of jail in anticipation of a transfer to the county facility.

11:15 AM: The transfer party leaves Fritz' office after a final round of questions.

11:21 AM: LHO is shot by Jack Ruby in the basement of the Dallas city jail.

So, he claims that Oswald was signed out of his jail cell BEFORE the final interrogation, which took place in Fritz' office on the 3rd floor. And it specifically states that "the transfer party leaves Fritz' office after a final round of questions." 

But wait. We just saw that Oswald was taken back upstairs from the 3rd floor. Therefore, what McAdams says can't possibly be true.  

And remember that Oswald still has to change his clothes, or at least, add some clothes. He has to put on a long sleeved shirt and a pull-over sweater. 

So, what time do you think it was? I seriously doubt it was very early in the morning. People aren't that spry very early in the morning, and especially not on Sunday mornings. It seems more like mid-morning. Plus, there was no need  to bring him down to the 3rd floor twice. So, that means this was after the final interrogation, and the transfer party did NOT leave from Fritz' office. You'll notice in the video that Leavelle remains behind. He doesn't go along. Oswald was still in the custody of his usual handlers: Boyd, Sims, and Hall, at least two of whom did off-duty security for Lyndon Johnson when he came to Dallas.  So, where were Boyd, Sims, and Hall taking Oswald at that moment? 

Well, as I said, we know Oswald had to put on other clothes. So, considering the late hour, I think it's very likely that Boyd was taking Oswald to do that, to change his clothes. So, this was Oswald shortly before the spectacle. 

That is DEFINITELY Oswald. Notice how vee-ish his t-shirt is, just like in the doorway. That is his ear, his nose, his eyes, his hair. Also, his neck, with the visible sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle, which was typical of Oswald when he turned his head. 

But wait! The reporter! The one who said they were taking Oswald up to the 4th floor! Maybe that was no mistake. Maybe that is what he was told. And you can't tell me that the Dallas Police didn't know which floor the jail was on. So, why the 4th floor? Well, remember my thesis: THAT JACK RUBY REACHED THE GARAGE MUCH EARLIER THAN 11:17 AND WAS POUNCED UPON AND HUSTLED UP TO THE 5TH FLOOR. 

So, if Ruby was being handled up on the 5th floor, then they couldn't take Oswald up there to change. So, they took Oswald up to the 4th floor to get him ready, to change his clothes, etc. 

So, this was probably about 10:15 AM. Watch the clip again with that in mind. It doesn't seem like early in the morning. It seems like mid-morning.  

So, Oswald is being led. Boyd has got his arm. But, notice that Oswald sought to respond to a reporter. He is listing towards him, as he says something. Oswald is holding Boyd up. But, at some point, Boyd has had enough, and he yanks on Oswald.

Wizard, who is the bald guy? He looks familiar. 

Then, this is the last image of Oswald that we know was really him.

Then, notice that Leavelle stayed behind on the 3rd floor. Hall and Sims went with Boyd and Oswald, but not Leavelle in his Easter suit.

So, how was Oswald transferred to the custody of Leavelle and Graves from Boyd, Sims, and Hall? Where and when did it happen? 

I don't think it happened on the 3rd floor, not with all those reporters there. Leavelle and Graves (and Fritz) must have gone up to the 4th floor, shortly after this, and that is where it happened. 

And, I just realized something. Elmer Boyd said that he learned of the Oswald shooting while eating brunch with his wife and her parents at their home, that he saw it on live television. But, you, me, and the lamppost know that he was lying through his teeth, because he was there all morning. You're looking at him right here. 
What a liar! 

I am pretty sure Boyd is still alive. I can't find an obituary for him, and I guarantee you he is a guy who would have a published obituary. 

And you know that that same team of Boyd, Sims, and Hall became Bookhout's handlers. They were waiting in the jail office to swift Bookhout away after the spectacle. Here they are with Bookhout a few minutes later, back up on the 3rd floor. 

OK, now I know exactly what we are looking at in the video. They exited the Homicide Bureau and walked down the corridor to the lobby of the jail elevator. Look at this diagram:

Note that there was a main elevator but also a jail elevator, and that's what they used: the jail elevator. So, they came from the Homicide Bureau, which had Fritz' office where Oswald was interrogated; they turned left and walked a short ways down the corridor, then turned left into the lobby of the jail elevator to get to the jail elevator. 

Here is the first glimpse we get of Oswald coming out of the Homicide Bureau. He is about to pop out there. 

He then turns left, walks down the corridor, then turns left again thru a door. It's a perfect match to this: his movement went from right to left. 

So, they didn't use the main elevator; they used the jail elevator. And they took him upstairs, not downstairs. But, they could not have taken him to the 5th floor because Ruby was there, or soon to be there. So, they took him to the 4th floor. Not long after that, Fritz, Leavelle, and Graves came and took possession of Oswald from Boyd, Sims, and Hall. And they descended that same jail elevator to the basement level jail office. 

But wait. They still had to take those iconic photos using the real Oswald. So, Oswald was taken upstairs to change and then down to the garage, which was closed off to reporters and everyone else at the time. He was taken there for the photo-shoot.  

Now, just reason with me for a moment. Directly above is the Jackson photo, which was reportedly taken after the shot. It's pretty ridiculous that, after a gun blast, Detective Lowery (to the left of Leavelle and close to the wall) is still clasping his hands. Why isn't he reacting? Because there was no gun blast. It was just a staged photo. If there was a real gun blast, then the men in the picture would be displaying a "startle reaction". That's where you clinch your neck and raise your shoulders. 

Here's the Reagan shooting a split-second before.

And then after:

You hear the shot, and it startles you. You react, and it's a reflex. But, Lowery didn't react. He looks perfectly relaxed.  None of them in the Jackson photo reacted. None of them are flinching. Not even Fritz. He has his hand out, but he's not flinching his neck and shoulders, and that's what I'm talking about. 

Here's a guy demonstrating the Colt 38 Special outdoors, in an open area, and notice that he has an ear plug. That's because it's so loud.  

And, if you listen to it, you really get a sense of how loud it is.

Imagine if it was shot in a cramped cubby hole, and where no one expected it, how startling and jarring it would be.  

So, how can that be a real shooting? No one is startled. No one is having a visceral reaction to the blast. There was no blast. It's just a staged photo.

But, getting back to this:

They were taking Oswald back upstairs after the final interrogation. He isn't dressed yet, so the photos had to follow this. After the photos, they skirted Oswald away to wherever they skirted him. I assume they quickly sedated him. Maybe someone thrust a hypodermic needle, with a sedative, in his arm or thigh. And then they got things ready for the televised spectacle in the garage using the Oswald double. They put Roy Vaughn in place. Jack Ruby was already upstairs on the 5th floor. Ruby never got past Vaughn. 

I'll end with this new collage:

So, that's the same day, the same morning, about an hour apart. Look how gaunt the real Oswald was on the left. It's not him on the right.  

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