Wednesday, November 28, 2018

I found a JFK assassination video that I like very much. It was made by a young couple, Aaron and Melissa Dykes of And when I say they are young, I mean in their 20s. It is very heartening to me to see people that young championing JFK truth because they weren't alive when JFK was President or when he was gunned down, and they weren't close to being alive. And yet, they care. Imagine that. 

The title of it is deceiving. It is: The Open and Shut Case of Lee Harvey Oswald, Lone Assassin.  It's facetious, and they are facetious throughout the video.

They do a great job of destroying the so-called evidence against Oswald. It includes video of Lee Bowers. They repeatedly refer to the suspicious and untimely deaths. And the whole thing is immersed in cynicism, mockery, and humor. They are laughing at the official story of the JFK assassination, and it deserves to be laughed at by all people of intelligence. 

Now, what I hope for is that the next 20-somethings to get involved in the JFK truth movement are those with the last name of Kennedy. Why not? He was their own flesh and blood.  Why should they support the Big Lie? It's time we got a Kennedy to roll up his or her sleeves and join the fight.  

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