Saturday, November 24, 2018

Thomas Clancy Thanks, Ralph Cinque. Have you developed who would have been the Oswald stand-in in this infamous video/photo?
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Ralph Cinque Tom, what I suspect and what I believe, is that the Jackson photo, as well as the Beers photo and the Johnston photo, the three "iconic" photos from the shooting were taken beforehand in a photo shoot that included the real Oswald. But then, he was taken away, and an impostor played him in the fake televised shooting.. Here is a comparison of the real Oswald with the guy who came out of the elevator with Fritz, Leavelle, and Graves. Notice the following: the real Oswald on the left had a large nose with more flare in his nostrils. His eyebrows were wavier: being close to the eye on the medial side but well above the eye on the lateral side, in contrast to the impostor whose eyebrow tracked right above the eye all the way across. Oswald either had more hair with less recession on his right side, OR his hair was simply longer and covered up the recession that he had. There is no way that his hair was as short as the other guy's. And what I suspect about that is that the other guy had even less hair, that they painted some of it in in front. Another major difference were the ears, with Oswald's being much larger. So, to my mind, there definitely was a double involved in the staging of the spectacle, BUT, they used the real Oswald for the photo-shoot that preceded it.

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