Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Do you realize that from November 22, 1963 on, the number of times that Billy Lovelady went before the public is zero? He essentially spent his entire post-assassination life in hiding.  He did his first media interview in May 1964, and it was also his last, but no image of him was taken. That was with with Jones Harris. There apparently was an interview of him for the 1967 CBS 4-hour JFK Special, but that got nixed - along with the entire coverage of Doorway Man. When Tink Thompson was writing his book, he covered the Doorman issue, but instead of interviewing Lovelady, he interviewed CBS about Lovelady. 

Lovelady went into virtual hiding. He moved to Colorado. His wealth took a big jump up. No more $1.11/hour jobs for him. His wife Patricia died a wealthy woman with vast real estate holdings across Colorado. 

But, you know what happened in the 1970s with the HSCA. Instead of ordering Lovelady to Washington, as they did many witnesses, they sent their lawyer, Ken Brooten, to him. And then it got weird. Brooten quits his job with the HSCA to become Lovelady's lawyer. Think about that a moment, how unusual it is, how one-of-a-kind it is. Why WHY WHY would Brooten do that? It obviously wasn't for financial reasons. People move around on jobs a lot because of money, that could not have been the determinant in this case. IT'S OBVIOUS THAT BROOTEN, UPON MEETING LOVELADY, SAW PERIL. He saw an accident waiting to happen. He saw that Lovelady was unsteady and unstable, that he would NOT hold up to any cross-examination on the Doorman issue. 

But, why did Lovelady need a lawyer? Well, perjury is a crime, and not just in court. One can be charged with perjury for lying to the FBI or lying to a government committee.   And apparently, the Doorman issue was front-burner at that time, and Lovelady was being harassed by reporters and researchers- and buffs. Hence, Brooten felt he needed a lawyer. And when Lovelady died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 41, right when the HSCA Report was coming out in January 1979, Brooten held "conspiracy theorists" responsible. Of course, dead men tell no tales. And Lovelady's wife Patricia was so tender about it: "I've had to answer about this for 15 years, but now I don't have to answer about it any more."  

To this day, the only uncontrolled image of Lovelady that we have is the one pirated by Mark Lane, in which Lovelady is clearly no match to Doorway Man.

This is the only un-whitewashed image of Lovelady in existence, and his baldness, his protruding ears, and the shape of his face are clearly in conflict with Doorway Man. 

And there is no point in using any other image of him because every other image of him is under suspicion. THEY DON'T MATCH WITH EACH OTHER, NEVER MIND WITH DOORWAY MAN.

That's why I say, there's a stench to this. Something is rotten, and I don't mean in Denmark. Lovelady is the square peg forced into the round hole. People from all over the world thought they saw Oswald in the doorway, and the Lovelady claim was a whitewash from Day 1. This thing reeks of malfeasance, including the way Lovelady died. He was very likely murdered. And of course, we know that many people were murdered to silence the truth about what really happened in the JFK assassination. 

The Russian people eventually found out that the Bolsheviks slaughtered the Romanov family. So determined were the Bolsheviks to hide their ghastly crime, they actually tried to dissolve the bones- in fear that somebody would dig them up. And, the American people will eventually find out that the equivalent of our Bolsheviks slaughtered the Kennedys, starting with John, then Bobby, and then JFK Jr.  

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