Friday, November 23, 2018

It is certain that the perpetrators of this crime against John Kennedy (and against all Americans, since the rule of law in a Constitutional republic was abrogated) did not get away with it. And that's despite the charade that the mainstream media engages in- when they engage.  I just checked the websites of CBS, NBC, and ABC, and not a word about JFK on this the evening of the 55th anniversary of his assassination. On the FOX website, there is one article, and it's about Clint Hill, with him saying that he's haunted because he wishes he could have reacted faster. 

What exactly is it that Clint Hill thinks he could have done? Gotten to the limo and jumped on top of Kennedy before he received the fatal shot? According to the Warren Commission, all the shots occurred in 5.6 seconds. So, even if Clint had figured it out after the first shot, how likely is it that he would have gotten to Kennedy in time?  

And it really makes no sense because what should have happened after the first shot was for the driver of the limo to press the pedal to the metal and gotten them the hell out of there, and if he had done that, there would have been no opportunity for Clint to get to the limo anyway. So, what Clint should be regretting is that the driver, Will Greer, hit the brake. So, why doesn't he mention that? 

And, there is something I will always wonder about: Kennedy was hit right before the limo emerged from behind the Stemmons Freeway sign in the Zapruder film. He was shot twice, and almost simultaneously: in the back at the level of T3, a bullet that barely penetrated and then vanished, and also in the throat with a small caliber bullet, which also did not traverse his body. There is no reason to think that either one of those shots traumatically affected JFK's brain. THEREFORE, WHY WAS JFK OUT OF IT MENTALLY? He was obviously not himself. He did not respond rationally to the situation. Even if he couldn't talk because the bullet in his throat, he could have gestured to his wife, and the others, to get down- that is, if he had his wits about him; but he did not. JFK had experienced the throes of battle multiple times, and he was known to be effective under fire. And he was warned repeatedly, even by his own brother, that an attempt on his life was likely and imminent. And you can't tell me that when he heard the first shot, the one that went into his back, that he thought it was a firecracker. He had to know exactly what it was. So, why didn't he respond like the military seaman that he was? 

I don't have a definitive answer, but it had to be caused by something, his muscular reaction. And I am open to the possibility that the first shot was a missile that released a fast-acting nerve agent. Here, he seems to have his right hand over his mouth, and his left hand on his tie, pulling it. Was he trying to dislodge the bullet which was blocking his airway? 

But, why does he have his elbows out and raised? That involves a contraction of the deltoid muscle on both sides. He could have raised his hands up without contracating those muscles. And it's obvious that his trapezoid muscles are contracting hard, as well as his back extensor muscles. It is a hell of a lot of contracting, of spasming, and it is not inherent to the trauma. And if he had been traversed through the neck from back to front, as claimed, I would expect him to just collapse. I don't think he could do what he is doing there.  

I checked CNN as well and found nothing on Kennedy. So, that article on FOX about Clint Hill is all I found this evening, the evening of the 55th anniversary of the JFK assassination. 

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