Sunday, November 25, 2018

Oswald did NOT meet with H. Louis Nichols. That was faked. Oswald implored the entire world to get him a lawyer shortly after midnight that very day. And he did not ask for John Abt. He asked for legal representation. All the indications are that he would have accepted any lawyer. He would have gladly accepted my cousin Vinny Gambini. So, the idea that he rejected legal help just 18 hours later is preposterous.

Oswald wasn't stupid. He didn't know John Abt. He didn't know if John Abt was available. He didn't know if John Abt could practice law in the state of Texas. It's obvious that Oswald was aware that he needed a lawyer IMMEDIATELY. He had to know that Abt couldn't materialize there immediately. So, he was looking for a readily available Texas lawyer. And if that is what Louis Nichols offered him, he surely would have taken it. 

So, that must have been an Oswald double who met with Nichols. Nichols was bamboozled. Or was he in on it? Because when Oswald, supposedly, turned down his offer to get him a Texas lawyer, for wanting John Abt, why didn't Nichols, point out to him that he really needed a lawyer immediately, and if accepted one, he could still go after Abt, if he wanted to. 

The point is that Nichols, supposedly, launched this thing out of concern for Oswald. So why, upon hearing Oswald make a very wrong decision, wouldn't he have sought to influence him, to change his mind? Nichols was a lawyer, and a lawyer isn't just a legal agent, he is also a legal counselor. He gives legal advice. Recall how in The Godfather, Tom Hagen was called
"Counsigliere" and in Italian, the internal g is silent. So, Nichols should have counseled Oswald- if it really happened the way he said. 

"Mr. Oswald: you need a lawyer now. You can get one and still pursue John Abt. But, take my advice and accept my help because you have been charged with the murder of two men, one of whom was the President of the United States, the other a police officer, and it doesn't get more serious than this." 

Nichols, at the time, was a Colonel in the United States Army Reserve. So, who really called him, and what was he told? Who was he really working for?   

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