Sunday, November 4, 2018

There is a third image, a lateral image, of Oswald taken in New Orleans by the New Orleans Police.

So, it's the one on the left, which I had not seen until now. 

We can use it to confirm that the autopsy photo is indeed Oswald.

That's him: same eyes, same nose, same ears, and same long, hairy neckline in back. I'm starting to wonder if barbers didn't clean up the back of the neck back then because his hair looks short, like his last haircut was recent, yet, he's got hair growing all the way down to his collar. 

Here's a comparison of N.O. Oswald to the guy getting out of the elevator with the cops. Notice Oswald's longer nose, less receded hair and very different shaped ear. 

Here's another view:

Notice how they built up the lobule of his ear on the right. That is a really big lobule. That man had small, compact ears, and they were trying to make his look like Oswald's. Oswald's eye brows didn't track above his eyes so closely. They did medially but not laterally. 

So, on the real Oswald on the left, there is divergence between the eye brow and the eye laterally, while there was convergence medially. On the other guy, there was even tracking all the way across.

You see the wavy divergence in all Oswald's photos. 

Wow. That one is a really bad and divergent comparison.

Here's another:

Different guys for sure. Compare the eye brows in relation to the eyes, the noses with so much more flare and exposed nostril on the real Oswald on the left, plus Oswald had a longer neck on the left. 

I don't know where they got that guy on the right, but he was not Oswald. They probably used him to talk to Attorney Nichols. The real Oswald would not have turned down legal help.  

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