Thursday, March 15, 2018

Another great find by the Wizard, an LBJ campaign stop photo with Detective Richard Sims of the Dallas PD working for Johnson.

So, that is Sims circled in red. How much closer could he have gotten to Johnson? And you know what my conviction is: that the Dallas Police did what they did, which was to kill Oswald and frame Ruby, on order of LBJ. "A long protracted trial will paralyze this nation. We must end the nightmare for the Kennedy family and the American people." That, or some such shit, is what he must have told them. I really believe that. And they, of course, believed that Oswald had killed their friend JD Tippit, whose family did things with Boyd's family on weekends, according to Boyd. So, they were willing to obey the Commander in Chief and do his bidding. That is really what I think happened.  

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