Monday, March 12, 2018

Billy Lovelady never said that he saw Oswald at the Dallas PD- not even when two federal investigators asked him when was the last time he saw Oswald. Both times, he said it was when they broke for lunch. They never qualified the question by saying when did you last see him at the TSBD. So, if he was trying to be helpful and cooperative, wouldn't he have mentioned the PD sighting?

And apparently, he never mentioned it to his wife Patricia either, since she never mentioned it- and she was a big talker. 

When unusual things happen, people tend to talk about it. And, how about when historic things happen?

I had an uncle who fought in WW2, and he had two interactions with Dwight Eisenhower. Once, they bumped into each other in a London store- and I mean that literally; they bumped into each other. And then, on the day before the D-Day invasion, Eisenhower was visiting the troops to boost morale, and my uncle showed him the modifications that were made to his Willys jeep to waterproof it. They put a waxy putty over the electrical parts, and they installed 10 foot vertical extensions to the carburetor and tailpipe so that the jeep could breathe underwater. Upon seeing it, Eisenhower said to my uncle, "Do you think this is going to work, Son?" And my uncle said: "I don't see why not, Sir." 

And it did work. My uncle drove that jeep down the ramp of the landing craft mechanized he was on into water that was 4 feet over his head. He drove out of the ocean- holding his breath- only to surface into a gale of gunfire and mortars.

But, the point is that he talked about his encounters with Eisenhower. But, Lovelady never talked about his encounter with Oswald at the Dallas PD. It is strong prima-facie evidence that it never happened.

And, the fact is that the film evidence that goes along with the claim is crying out-loud phony. There are two different images of Lovelady at the desk, and they don't agree with each other, nor do  they agree with any other images of Lovelady. But, it's worse than that. None of the images of Lovelady agree with each other, and they all appear to be altered and falsified. There is only one image of Billy Lovelady that we can have complete confidence in, and that is the unauthorized one taken by Mark Lane. And when we compare that image to Doorway Man, we can plainly see that they are different men. The ears alone tell you. Look how Lovelady's ears stuck out. 

The official story of the JFK assassination is truly dead. The only thing holding it up is the power of the government and the media. The situation is very much like that of the Emperor who wore no clothes- where all his subjects were afraid to speak of it. But, the truth isn't going away. The evidence, including powerful photographic evidence, isn't going to disappear. Oswald will be vindicated, and nothing can stop it. Anytime anyone says that Oswald killed Kennedy they are just repeating a Statist lie, a totalitarian lie. And that lie will collapse, just as the lies of the totalitarian USSR collapsed. When totalitarianism is the only thing holding up a lie, its days are numbered. 

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