Friday, March 30, 2018

John Avery Emison:

Dr. Cinque, i have read your 2011 article on Lew Rockwell (and I have been published there as well). Do I understand correctly that you maintain that JFK's neck wound was not made by a high-powered rifle? Is that correct? I would love to correspond with you because I am the middle of writing my 3rd assassination-related book, this one about the strange similarities between the JFK murder and the MLK murder. Here is my email. Thank you for your time.

Ralph Cinque:

I think it's best to refer to two wounds: the "throat" wound and the "back wound". Kennedy was hit in the back at the level of T3, just to the right of the spinous process. What happened to that bullet, we don't know. The autopsists were not allowed to open it up and track it. It certainly did not continue to JFK's throat and emerge from there because it entered his back at T3 at a sharply downward angle, and it was never deflected. So, it couldn't possibly travel up to his throat; it could only continue in the same direction that it was going. So, these were definitely two separate shots, and the Single Bullet Theory is complete utter nonsense. But, what happened to the back bullet? It wasn't in Kennedy's back because x-rays were taken, and it wasn't shown. And it certainly didn't "work its way out". What, through 3 layers of clothing? It would have gotten tangled in the clothing, right? So, was it dug out at the "pre-autopsy" as per David Lifton? Or was it an ice bullet that just melted inside him? I don't assert the latter, but I certainly don't dismiss it. You can read a discussion of it here.

Regarding the bullet that entered his throat from the front, it could not have been from a very high-powered rifle because it apparently didn't go very far. It initially obstructed his breathing, and JFK had to struggle to "cough it up", to dislodge it from wherever it was that was blocking his breathing. I like the work that Gil Jesus has done on this, and his videos are on Youtube.

JFK, apparently, succeeded at moving the bullet so that he could breathe because he is not struggling to breathe throughout. He seemed to get over that. But, what happens to him after that is something that few have talked about, and that is, his mental disorientation. He really seems out of it. He certainly doesn't seem like himself. And there is no reason to think that the physical trauma could have affected his mind like that. So, getting back to the proposed ice bullet, is it possible that it contained some kind of sedative that affected his mind very quickly? Or, as some have proposed, was it a "paralyzing agent" that stiffened him? Because he seems awfully stiff. Mentally, JFK seems like a zombie. He doesn't have the wherewithal to get down, or to direct his wife to get down. He is out of it, mentally, and I am very inclined to think that it was from something that was done to him. So, EVEN THOUGH I DON'T SWEAR BY IT, THE IDEA THAT JFK WAS HIT IN THE BACK WITH AN ICE BULLET OR OTHER BULLET THAT DELIVERED A NARCOTIZING/PARALYZING AGENT IS MY FAVORITE AND NUMBER ONE THEORY. No other theory better explains his mental impairment and muscular spasticity, which are so apparent in the Zapruder film.

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