Thursday, March 1, 2018

You can see that the above image is from LIFE magazine. You certainly get the impression that Jack Ruby had a lot of hair on top.

And look at the length of those strands. It was like the hair was 6 inches long. But then, there is this:

This is really a scary thing. There is so much photographic fraud about Jack Ruby's hair that it leads you to think that the CIA had its people in every newspaper and media organization in the country. And after a while, it must have become commonplace to doctor his hair. And it was easy enough to do. Today, it would be done digitally, but back then, they used paint. And if you look closely, you can see the paint. 

Why WHY WHY did they do it? They did it because the impression we get of the Garage Shooter is that he had thick hair, a real mop on top. And that's what it was: a toupee'. 

That would have been extremely long hair for 1963. It's long hair for today. But, with hair that length and thickness, you wouldn't expect the guy to be bald on top. Hence, they gave Jack Ruby hair. 

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