Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Robert McPherson:

if young E.Howard was 1970's supoeneaed as presenting Ruby with a pistol --then the presentation you make of Ruby would firstly have to explain how tending to your ads also makes you a night club owner; and then how we wouldnt know if the Mafia and Texas law officials regularly frequented Mafia pay-rolled Dallas clubs. Before we assume "And Ruby never lied. He didn't have it in him to lie. He pleaded to take a polygraph test, and he repeatedly requested to be put on truth serum" --providing the names of the Texas officers that decided to have this re-call --might clear up whether Ruby one day earlier was three witnesses observed in Watergates Frank Sturgis's company). 'Delivered to Ruby a pistol' -is probably of the meaning of not fantasy --eg "In the month prior to the assassination, Ruby telephoned Irwin Weiner, a "frontman for organized crime"; Robert "Barney" Baker, an associate of Jimmy Hoffa's; Nofio J. Pecora, a lieutenant of the reputed Louisiana Mafia boss Carlos Marcello; Lewis McWillie, who had ties with organized crime figures Santos Trafficante and Meyer Lansky; and Murray "Dusty" Miller, another individual closely allied with Hoffa and the Mafia." etc.

Ralph Cinque:

Ruby didn't own the building, but he and his sister Eva owned the businesses: the Carousel Club and the Vegas Club. And it is not in doubt. Ruby was not an employee there. He was the operator of the business, and everyone else worked for him. Where are you getting "Mafia payrolled" from? And what does that mean? That the Mafia was paying Ruby's employees? That's ridiculous. 

So, was Jack Ruby in the company of Frank Sturgis one day before? One day before what? I presume he means either the JFK murder or the Oswald murder. 

I checked Ken Rahm's Jack Ruby timeline page, which is very comprehensive, and his only reference to a Ruby/Sturgis connection is Marita Lorenz claiming that on November 21, the day before JFK was killed, that there was a meeting at a motel that involved Sturgis and Ruby and several others, including "Ozzie." And it was at 2 AM. Now, you know the Oswald of fame, the Oswald we know, wasn't there. And know this about Marita Lorenz: she told the HSCA that she knew and saw Lee Harvey Oswald in Florida during the time that the Oswald of fame was in Russia. And, the HSCA lawyer really lambasted her, pointing out the impossibility of it, but she stuck to her guns. So, what is the reality of that? The reality is that she knew a Lee Harvey Oswald, but it was not the one who went to Russia and wound up at the TSBD. The Oswald of fame NEVER went to Florida. So, if she was wrong about seeing the Oswald of fame in Florida (and she was), don't you think she could be wrong about seeing the Oswald of fame at a motel in Dallas? And wrong about seeing Ruby there as well? 

And note that there are other sightings of Jack Ruby at 2 AM on November 21. Little Lynn got sick (bless her heart) and Ruby stayed with her until 4 or 5 AM. That's one report, but, there are others.

Did Ruby telephone Chicago bail bondsman Irwin Weiner a month before? Well, Weiner to the Warren Commission said this:  

Mr. WEINER - I never had contact with Jack Ruby, never socially. Never went with him anywhere, never broke bread with him, never had anything to do with Jack Ruby at any time in my life.

He said they had been friends as kids, and he knew his brother Earl. 

Could he have been lying? I suppose. But, it's the person making a claim who has to prove what he's claiming. If Jack Ruby had some sinister relationship with Irwin Weiner, where's the evidence? Robert McPherson lip-flapping it is not evidence.

Robert Barney Baker, an aid to Jimmy Hoffa, told the FBI that Ruby called him once and asked him about his labor problems at the clubs, and Baker said he offered no help. And that was it. So, shall we assume from that Ruby was involved with Jimmy Hoffa? 

I could go on, but you get the idea. All of these claims are false. There are as many false claims about Ruby as there are about Oswald. Jack Ruby was not a gangster. He probably knew some gangsters, but that didn't make him a gangster. And there is not a shred of evidence that he had anything to do with the JFK assassination. The many "Ruby sightings" in Dealey Plaza are all false; every last one. All this stuff is just baiting and battering the buffs.  

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