Thursday, March 15, 2018

You should watch this presentation by Stephen Fagan, the Curator of the Sixth Floor Museum, who succeeded Gary Mack. It concerns an LBJ campaign stop on November 4, 1960, just three weeks before the election, in which a hostile crowd badgered him and gave him a hard time. 

And guess who was the head of Johnson's Security Detail. It was Detective Elmer Boyd of the Dallas PD. Fagan didn't mention it, but also there as Boyd's partner Sims. 

And, the Wizard thinks that Detective Hall may have been there too. So, we're talking about these three:

So, there they are with Bookhout, two minutes after the Oswald shooting, and he was then released and resumed being James Bookhout. It's interesting that the trio who were previously assigned to escort Oswald were replaced by Leavelle and Graves. They must have been waiting in the jail office to receive Bookhout, whom they swifted up to the 3rd floor, where the above picture was taken. It's actually a film frame. 

But, the point is that these guys were tight with Johnson even before he became Vice President. They worked for him before he became Vice President. Don't you think it's likely that Boyd knew Johnson? That they conversed, face to face? I do. But, one thing is absolutely certain: that man in the center is NOT Jack Ruby. He is supposed to be Jack Ruby, but he is NOT Jack Ruby. And that image alone, by itself, tells you that Jack Ruby was framed and innocent.  

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