Friday, March 30, 2018

The issue of Oswald being in the doorway is one that is so completely settled, at this point in time, that it's amazing that anyone would challenge it or want to discuss it. And, the arguments against it are just plain stupid. For instance:

 Trouble is, no one, including Harold Weisberg could ever find any evidence, or witness statements that placed Oswald in the doorway of the TSBD when Kennedy was shot. 

That is moronic because it was like the Gestapo. Word spread very quickly that Oswald was up on the 6th floor, and if you thought you saw Oswald where you shouldn't have and couldn't have, you didn't, and you better not say it.  

Just look what happened to Carolyn Arnold. On November 25, she told an FBI agent that she believed she saw Oswald "between the double doors" (meaning: at the doorway) shortly before the shooting. They got her to retract it the following March- to where she didn't see Oswald at all- and sign it. But, you know this 19 year old girl wasn't lying to the FBI on November 25.

And it goes to show that they realized:  THAT EVEN ONE OBSERVER OF OSWALD IN THE DOORWAY WOULD HAVE EVISCERATED THE ENTIRE WARREN REPORT. And, they were so concerned about it that they didn't let Carolyn Arnold testify to the Warren Commission. You realize that the FBI was essentially the filter that pre-interviewed almost everyone who testified to the WC. But, they wouldn't let the Warren Commission speak to Carolyn Arnold. 

So, she was one witness, but Oswald, himself, was another. He said he was "out with Bill Shelley in front", and he couldn't have known that Shelley was there unless he saw him, meaning, unless he was there himself. So, it's very strong testimony, and it makes the discovery of the Fritz Notes one of the most important things to happen in the JFK investigation. 

But, you have to realize the extent of the intimidation. Look at what they did to Joe Molina, who was in the doorway, storming his house that night at midnight, with guns drawn, accusing him of being Oswald's accomplice, etc. What provoked that? Had Molina done some grumbling about seeing Oswald when he shouldn't have? Molina ended up losing his job, his income, and his good name. It took him years to recover it. 

The point is that the absence of overt witnesses to seeing Oswald in the doorway MEANS NOTHING. Again: this was the fucking Gestapo, bearing down. 

And then, the bloodied punk writing this crap put up this image:

And he wrote this:

Notice the lack of hair in the center of his head versus Oswald's full hair. Notice also the indented right temple above the jutting jaw of Lovelady in the middle photo and how it compares to Lovelady in Altgens. Also notice how Lovelady's shirt in Altgens shows the plaid pattern of the shirt he wore that day. 

I have been saying for a very long time that they moved over the top of Lovelady's head to Doorman to "Lovelady-ify" him, although they didn't use that image in the center, which was taken by Mark Lane. Look at it:

The ears alone tell you that it can't possibly be Lovelady on the right. Lovelady had protruding ears. In Medicine, they are referred to as "prominent ears." Doorman didn't have them. Doorman's ears are a spot-on match to Oswald's.

The size, the shape, the pitch, the angle- it's all exactly the same. And remember: the comparison is to this:
And look how in the image he used, the ears got cut off.

How convenient. This is the sight of blood: a hired killed for the US government spewing the blood of John Kennedy and Lee Oswald. 

And then, he refers to the so-called "plaid" shirt on Doorman, supposedly a match to Lovelady's. First: Lovelady didn't wear a plaid shirt; he wore a short-sleeved one with vertical stripes.

We can't see the vertical stripes too well there, however, it is a highly compromised and distorted image. But, there's no doubt that that's Lovelady. He's right where Lovelady said he was shortly after the shooting, and the chance that there were two other guys in that location who just happened to look like and dress like Bill Shelley and Billy Lovelady is preposterous.

And notice that the naked arm and short sleeve on Lovelady. 

But regardless, it's clear that Doorman's shirt was NOT plaid.

That is not plaid. Plaid refers to horizontal and vertical lines crossing and forming boxes. There isn't a single box on that shirt. You couldn't circle one. The idea that it is the same shirt as this shirt is preposterous. 

Notice that on this posing shirt (it was one Lovelady posed in years later) that you could play checkers on it, and the checkered pattern covers everything, including the collar. Now, look at the left upper quadrant of Doorman's shirt, which is devoid of any contrast at all.

 Compare that to this:

What I like about this whole process is that it gets me to write. This article wouldn't exist without the provocation. And the plain truth is that the bloodied bastard is just too stupid to realize that his best move is no move; to just shut the fuck up and not provoke me. He can't possibly win. There is no challenge he can throw at me that I can't answer. It isn't even debatable that it's Oswald in the doorway. It's the same man and the same clothes. The clothes are a perfect match, the lay and arrangement and contour of the shirt over the t-shirt.  To claim that Oswald and Lovelady were both decked out like this, you might say frumped like this, is ridiculous. It is patently absurd. This screams at you that Doorman was Oswald because he is wearing Oswald's clothes, and he still has Oswald's ear and other features despite the tampering that they did. The top of the head is the only thing that's different here- and it's they're handiwork, their Nazi photo manipulation.   

I'm always going to have the last word. I am always going to be able to trounce their lies. After all these years, there isn't one thing on the OIC website that I have ever had to take down because of this punk or anyone like him.   

Truth is rising. More people today are aware of Oswald in the doorway than ever before, and the number shall keep growing. This was me talking about it on Infowars.

My original Visible Proof video now has over 145,000 views on Youtube. Truth is rising, and punks can't stop it.  

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