Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Someone made this: a layout of the frames from the NBC film of the Oswald shooting, which is the one that was televised, reportedly in real time.  But, it can't include every frame. How could it go from 5 to 6 in 1/18th second? 

But, it does show what happened, and it plainly shows that Jim Leavelle did not "jerk" Oswald anywhere. That was an outrageous lie. And then compare 6 to 11, in which Oswald changes direction from forward to back.

What could have caused that change in direction except Oswald himself? And how could he change direction if his major blood vessels were blown out? Isn't that too much "doing" under the circumstance? Shouldn't he just have gone down? 

And look how the shooter seems to crouch after he shoots.

The shooter did that himself. Nobody pushed him down. Why would he do that? To reduce his visibility. It had nothing to do with escaping, just not being recognized for who he was. And note that Leavelle said that he "caught a hold of Jack Ruby's shoulder, his left shoulder, and shoved back on it, at the same time pulling on Oswald." But, in the frame above, Oswald is already gone, and Leavelle has not yet made contact with the shooter. He certainly hasn't shoved him anywhere. So, that was another lie; a bold-faced lie, told on November 24, the very day of the shooting.  

Look at frame 4. You see LC Graves and you see the shooter, yet, you are expected to believe that Graves does not see him and is not aware of him, even though he is definitely in his visual field. Peripheral vision is almost 90 degrees in each eye, hence, almost 180 degrees total. 

And, it is just as strange that Oswald doesn't see the shooter. And Leavelle claimed to see "Ruby" coming in, but it's obvious that he wasn't even looking in his direction as he came in.

And look how Oswald disappears between frames 15 and 16.

Oswald is completely gone in the #16 frame, and even allowing for it being several frames later, it seems awfully fast. It seems like a vanishing act, doesn't it? And when you watch it in the film, it seems like a vacuum sucking him down. It's woosh, and he's gone. I have no doubt that this effect was achieved by the removal of frames. 

All in all, what this tells us is that this was a staged act, in which they were all involved: Leavelle, Oswald, Graves, and the Shooter. There is nothing real about any of it. 

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