Friday, March 2, 2018

J. Edgar Hoover admitted in a letter that there is a gap in the WFAA footage of the Oswald shooting. The gap occurs between the garage and the jail office, and it is at least 2 minutes long. It may be 3 minutes, depending on what time you claim the shooting occurred. I've seen it reported as 11:20 and 11:21. But, in the jail office, as they are rolling Oswald out, you hear Bill Lord say, "It is now 11:24 in Dallas" and that occurs one minute after the after-shooting footage in the jail office began. Therefore, the after-shooting footage begins at 11:23, which is either 2 or 3 minutes after the shooting occurred. And again: even J. Edgar Hoover admitted it. 

So, what happened during those 2 or 3 minutes? I maintain that that is when they shot Oswald for real. They must have had a room set up in advance, with sound-proofing. Plus, they used a .38 with a silencer. Remember: we never see them bring Oswald inside. We don't get the tiniest glimpse of that. Even though two men carrying a third man amounts to a very large object in what was a very small space, all of the photographers missed it completely.  So, we can only guess what happened. I presume that Oswald contributed to his own extraction from the garage; he helped. But, once inside, they must have disabled him immediately; knocked him out. It might have been from a hypodermic needle thrust in his hip. Then, they hastily took him to whatever room was set up for it, and they shot him.  I have no idea who pulled the trigger. Then they brought him to the jail office and plopped him on the floor.

But, that's not all that had to be done. The trio of Boyd, Sims, and Hall had to be waiting in the jail office for the hand-off of James Bookhout- to scurry him out of there. And then, there is this image of Jack Ruby in the jail office. Is it really him?

   Below left is also supposed to be him, taken the same day.

On the left, he is wearing his cabana shirt, so that had to be later in the day. But, look how tight and taut his neck is, and look how loose and bulging and sloppy his neck is on the right. How can it be the same guy? And look at how strange his ear is on the left. It looks like a Vulcan ear. There are so many falsified images of Jack Ruby, it's hard to know which are real. I have no doubt that there are more altered and falsified images of him than there are real ones.  But, one thing we can know beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt is that on the right, it cannot be the shooter when they brought him in from the garage because he was wearing a coat in the garage, and they most certainly did NOT remove his coat in the jail office. It's part of the official record that they didn't. Multiple detectives said that they didn't start undressing Ruby until they got him up to the 5th floor.

Plus, that is obviously a staged arrangement on him. Since he was wearing a coat during the scuffle, how could his shirt get ripped open? And look how neat the same shirt looked a little while later, not to mention his hair.

 All his buttons look intact to me. You can see them there. I count three, all snug. So, how did his shirt get ripped open earlier?  And he looks like he's got Brylcream in his hair. So, when did this grooming of Jack Ruby take place? And who initiated it? Did Ruby complain that he looked a mess? Or did someone from the DPD say, "Come on, Jack, let's prep you for the cameras. You want to look your best." Of course, Jack Ruby would have consented to anything. 

Flim-flam. That's what the whole thing is: flim-flam. And the reason they had to resort to flim-flam is because the whole story is a lie. Jack Ruby did NOT shoot Oswald. And there is no fact pertaining to the JFK assassination that matters more than this or goes more to the heart of what really happened that weekend than the fact that Jack Ruby did not shoot Oswald. 


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