Monday, March 19, 2018

The people who believe that Jack Ruby was involved in the JFK assassination are being ridiculous. If he were, they would have had to kill him right away. Or what? Just trusted him to keep his mouth shut even though they were prosecuting him and trying to put him to death? Ruby lived for 3 years, and he had a string of lawyers, who were all hounding him for information. You think the plotters just counted on him to remain silent until they pulled the switch on the electric chair? If Ruby was involved, or if he had any inside knowledge whatsoever, they would have killed him pronto. They would not have let him live three years.

And eventually, Ruby started claiming that LBJ was involved in the JFK assassination, but he just got that from Everett Haley's book, A Texan Looks At Lyndon. That's all. Nowhere else. 

Don't you get it? They planted those alternate stories just because they wanted the doubters to lean that way.  If people weren't going to accept the official story, of him doing it to spare Jackie a trip to Dallas or to become a hero to the American people, they wanted them to go in that direction- towards complicity in the whole JFK assassination plot. The important thing was that they never question whether he really did it- killed Oswald. They don't really care why you think he killed Oswald, so long as you think he did it-so long as you don't take the first mental step towards recognizing the truth, that he was innocent. 

Whatever job you think Jack Ruby did in the JFK assassination, whether you think he was just delivering men and rifles or whether, like Tom Tilson, you think he was a shooter, they didn't need him for that.  Just as they didn't need Oswald to shoot Kennedy and would never in a million years have chosen him to do it (What about working at a radio factory in Russia for 3 years and chasing Russian girls prepares one to be an assassin?) they likewise would never have made Jack Ruby an insider in the JFK assassination. He was a talkaholic; he was strung out on amphetamines; he was naive; juvenile; flighty in thought; always going off on tangents. How do you trust a guy like that, who non-stop rambles, with  deep, dark secrets?

It's all fake. All the sightings of Jack Ruby in Dealey Plaza are fake. It wasn't him. He wasn't there. He really was at the Dallas Morning News office, tending to his ads, just as he and many others said. 

And Ruby never lied. He didn't have it in him to lie. He pleaded to take a polygraph test, and he repeatedly requested to be put on truth serum. Who does that? Not a liar. 

The truth is the opposite. Jack Ruby was not only not involved in the JFK assassination; he wasn't involved in the Oswald assassination either- except as patsy. He knew nothing about it.  

Look: if you are having trouble accepting this, just keep saying to yourself over and over: they let him live for 3 years; they let him live for 3 years; they let him live for 3 years; they let him live for 3 years. They would NEVER have let him live 3 days, never mind 3 years, if he had any involvement in the JFK assassination. 

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