Saturday, March 3, 2018

The following was sent to me by OIC senior member Dr. Thomas Halle.

Just thought I'd remind a few friends of how corrupt (and criminal) the entire JFK case (and follow-up whitewash) was (and how the Warren Report was absolutely BOGUS (and politically motivated). Here is a picture of someone cleaning up the presidential limousine at Parkland Hospital (and protected by a Dallas policeman) (thus destroying evidence, known in the trade as "Obstruction of Justice")(or, as the Brits say, "Perversion of Justice"). President Kennedy was clearly a "sitting duck" as his limo turned onto Elm St., and entered Dealey Plaza, at the same time entering the cross-fire of at least three snipers (none of whom was Lee Harvey Oswald).

Below are a witness Bill Newman and the acting Kennedy press secretary Malcolm Kilduff demonstrating the location of the location of the President's fatal head shot, totally debunking the Warren Commission's claim of a "Single Bullet Theory" and their insistence that all the shots came from the rear.

So, how much longer can the Big Lie continue? I don't know, but it definitely won't be forever. 

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