Friday, March 23, 2018

Hell is rising among us. Trump actually appointed John Bolton to be his National Security Adviser. I'll let this article from Yahoo News speak for itself. 

"Bolton championed the March 2003 invasion of Iraq and earlier this month dismissed the diagnosis that Saddam Hussein’s removal was a mistake as “simplistic.” In February, the Yale-trained international law expert publicly called for military action against North Korea. A month earlier, he condemned diplomatic efforts to toughen the Iran nuclear deal,  criticized Trump’s advisers for “inexplicably” advising him to stay in the agreement, and called for fostering regime change in Tehran, notably by supporting opposition to the regime. In 2015, he was even blunter, saying that “only military action” would work against Iran."

The chance of war escalation and new war starting is now greater than ever because of this appointment. Trump has appointed a mad man. Bolton is crazy. He's like an American Jihadist. Heaven help us.  

Notice how much he looks like Allen Dulles. He's like the reincarnation of him. 

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