Tuesday, March 20, 2018

This is another image from the Wizard, showing how long the ramp was and is, and how unlikely it is that Ruby slipped past Vaughan, and that Vaughan never once turned around and saw him walking down the ramp.

One doesn't guard a ramp standing still. For one thing, it would be uncomfortable to do that. You stand still for too long and blood starts pooling in your legs. When you move, you contract muscles that squeeze blood up the veins, which have one-way valves, which prevent it from falling back down. So, you walk back and forth, left to right, and also forward and back. And when you change direction, you have to turn, so which way would you turn? I should think both, that sometimes you would turn facing the street and other times facing the interior. The point is that even if you accept that Ruby slipped past Vaughan (which I neither accept nor grant) he would still most likely have spotted Ruby before he reached the bottom. I have mentioned that it wasn't just Vaughan plus three other officers in a police car, supposedly. But, it wasn't just them either. There was a 5th officer, Nate Daniels. Well, he was a former officer and still a friend of the department, and for the purpose of observing Ruby do it, there's really no difference. Wouldn't he have said something if he saw it? So, he didn't see it either. So now, we have 5 police officers who didn't see it. But, it wasn't just those 5. What about the spectators? They saw the situation. They were aware that this cop was guarding the ramp, trying to keep people out. So, if someone got past him and was walking down there, being good citizens, wouldn't they have said something? "Officer, there is a guy walking down there." How hard is it to say that? So, not one of them saw it either? Everyone there was blind to Ruby? 

Here is how they depicted it in the Ruby and Oswald tv movie.

Ahhhh. The guys next to Ruby had their heads turned. They were distracted. They didn't see him. It's not that they were bad citizens; they were just distracted. Just didn't see him. Shame. That is how the cookie crumbles. But, it goes to show that even the makers of this ridiculous movie realized there was a credibility problem about Ruby entering unseen. Now look further.

What about that third guy there? He had to see Ruby approaching. And even here, Ruby is still in his visual field. So, he doesn't react either? Everybody was blind to Ruby. They didn't see him. Vaughan never turned around. It was like Ruby was invisible. They didn't know a thing until the shot went off. 

The filmmakers were clever the way they staged this, but it still has zero credibility. There is NO WAY it happened. And there is also no way anybody facilitated Ruby getting in by way of a different way, opening a door for him, etc. You can't suggest a conspiracy between Ruby and the Dallas Police because nobody would engage in such a conspiracy of self-destruction. People conspire because they expect to win. They expect to come out smelling like a rose. Plus, if the Dallas Police conspired with Ruby, how could they trust him to keep his mouth shut afterwards? For three years? It's ridiculous. They would have had to kill him immediately. So, Ruby did get in here, this way, but it was earlier- before Vaughan got there. And I suspect that the "spectators" not only let him pass but egged him on- with something as simple as a head toss- the kind that says, "go on".  Ruby was drugged, and one of the drugs he took made him highly suggestible. Ruby said he took twice his regular dose of amphetamines plus 7 extra pills. How did that happen? Did George Senator put him up to it? And Ruby does look pretty out of it after his arrest.

He was reported to be mumbling after his arrest. That is: it was reported once and never said again. 

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