Thursday, March 15, 2018

Here, the Wizard compares the arrangement in 1963 to the arrangement in 1978 in the tv movie, Ruby and Oswald.

So, it was revised even in 1978. And we don't know when it was done. Is it possible that they started revising it right away? We know they revised the doorway of the Book Depository, enlarging the landing, making it deeper.

That distance, if I recall correctly, is over 9 feet, which is much deeper than it was in 1963. So, they removed the glass doors and wall and built new doors farther back. And that brick-lay is also new and different. Of course, the biggest change was removing the median handrail and replacing it with two side handrails. And those side handrails are quite far from the wall. It changes the angle to a photographer in Altgens position quite a lot. For the record, I still maintain that Carl Jones, the black man at the bottom-west of the doorway, was not captured by Altgens' camera.

You realize that in the Altgens photo, Doorman's right shoulder is cut off:

It's cut off not because he was behind the column. He was nowhere near it. It was cut off because of the parallax effect; because of the angle. And the diagonal line shows you the division between what Altgen's camera could see and what it could not see.

And as you can see, Carl Jones is almost entirely within the zone of what Altgens could not see. Therefore, the image of the black man in the Altgens photo is fake. It was taken from a Phil Willis slide and pieced in.
I have been saying this for years, and it has been on the OIC website for years. And my conviction about it is stronger than ever. 

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