Sunday, March 18, 2018

David Caban Well said Ralph

Tony Conner You can create reasonable doubt of both Oswald and Ruby just by watching youtube videos of the eye witnesses most of which were never called by the very flawed Warren Commission!

Good job Ralph!...

Ralph Cinque Thank you, Richard MchughDavid Caban, and Tony Conner. Many who realize that Oswald was innocent have a hard time wrapping their head around Ruby being innocent too, but what they need to realize is that authorities were in trouble. Oswald was prevented from seeing a lawyer, and they couldn't keep that up much longer without making it obvious that his civil rights were being violated. They knew that Oswald was standing in the doorway during the shooting, and that his lawyer or lawyers would run with it. And, they knew that all the awful things they did, such as faking the Backyard photos and the paper trail of him mail-ordering a rifle from Chicago that he could have bought at any K-Mart in Dallas, was going to materialize in court, that HIS trial would soon become THEIR trial. They knew that his wife Marina, instead of being THEIR witness, would be HIS witness, as long as he was alive, that she too would deny his possessing the rifle, deny his having gone to Mexico City, deny his having posed for the Backyard photos, and denied her having taken them. They also knew that the very meager fingerprint evidence they had would never hold up in court, that the Defense would bring in their own forensic experts to refute it. In a word, NOTHING they had on Oswald, which they had brandished to the press, would hold up in court. Could Wesley Frazier withstand cross examination by a hostile attorney? They knew he couldn't. And they knew that Oswald was an excellent advocate for himself, that he could deny the charges very convincingly and persuasively to a jury. So, they DESPERATELY needed him dead. And then what happened? They just got lucky that Jack Ruby came along and took care of it for them? Uhn uh. They took care of it themselves. And who pushed for it? The guy who was most on the line: Lyndon Baines Johnson. It was Johnson, who had previously hired and paid for off-duty Dallas detectives, like Boyd and Sims, to be his personal bodyguards, who went to them and commissioned them to do something- for the sake of the Kennedy family, for the sake of the American people, and for the sake o preventing a nuclear war, to end the national nightmare and let American life return to normal- for everybody. That is what happened. Luck had nothing to do with it. The people who twist the story to make it that Ruby was involved in the JFK assassination, that he knew Oswald, and that he killed him to silence him, are doing the bidding of the real killers, who love it when they say that. They say it themselves, such as when they publish ridiculous stories about Ruby going to Dealey Plaza to "watch the fireworks" and revealing his foreknowledge to someone he barely knew. The truth is just the opposite: that Ruby knew nothing, and he did nothing. He was just a guy with a weird devotion to and adoration for the Dallas Police, and they knew he would believe anything they told him. The carnival show they enacted in the City Hall basement stands alone in the annals of police history as the most elaborate farce of false and fabricated evidence ever concocted. What it depended on was the respect that everyone had for the Dallas police and the credibility that everyone gave to them. But, that was 1963, and this is 2018. There is no reason for anyone to fall for the con today. The jig, as they say, is up.

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