Friday, March 30, 2018

There is nothing stopping anyone today, in 2018, from going to Dealey Plaza and photographing someone standing the doorway wearing a shirt like this one.

Of course, within reason, they would have to approximate Altgens shooting conditions, shooting from the same location, using the same Tri-X film, etc. as I did. But, they have the means and opportunity to demonstrate that the above shirt could come out like this in a photograph:

So, why don't they do it? Why, instead, do they have punks lip-flap? It's because they know that if they did it that it would prove the opposite: that Doorman's shirt could not possibly be that shirt. We're not talking about going to the moon here. We're talking about going to Dallas and taking a picture that no one would stop or try to interfere with. So, the next time some lip-flapper starts flapping at you about this, give him the proper response: "Go to Dallas and take a picture; and until then, shut the pluck up." 

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