Monday, March 19, 2018

Somebody put this image up on Facebook without comment, and I presume he is a supporter of the despicable, moronic, imbecilic  Prayermanites.

It is a bogus image.  You hear me? Freaks, like the guy top center and the microencephalic guy on the left, do not exist in Nature. They're not human. And who are all those people crowding the doorway? It was less than 10 seconds after the last shot. Officer Marrion Baker hadn't even reached the steps yet, and he said he got there within 10 seconds. How could the doorway here be populated so totally different from the other images of the doorway. Here it is compared to the Wiegman doorway, taken just a few seconds before.
And frankly, this one is pretty freaky too. What is Sigmund Freud with a highly muscular arm wearing a toga doing there?

They have been screwin' with the doorway images since Day 1, and it's our minds that have been getting screwed. Every single one of the doorway images have been tampered with, but none more so than this:

 This is noise.  This is a "baiting the buffs" thing. They say it's from the Darnell film, but pluck that. I don't know where the hell it came from. 

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