Saturday, March 17, 2018

There is a rumor circulating on Facebook that this is Oswald receiving firearm instruction from David Ferrie.

There are only two times, that we know of, that Oswald had any association with David Ferrie. The first was when he was in the Civil Air Patrol, which was before he enlisted in the Marines, and he enlisted at age 17. So that would mean when he was 16 or younger, and that man is obviously older than 16. And the other time was the summer of 1963 in New Orleans. But, look how much hair that guy has compared to Oswald, who below is leafletting at the Trade Mart. 

So, I don't think that guy is Oswald, although I admit he looks like him. Could he be an Oswald double? I suppose so, but I don't believe he is the Oswald of fame. 

Look at the weird part in the mystery man's hair.

Were two heads merged together there? In back, the hair is darker and higher, while in front the lighting of the hair is different, and there is a weird part going across from side to side. I have never seen anyone's hair do that, have you? Is this a composite image? And we know that there are composite images of Oswald. So, what I would suggest to you is that this whole image is fake. 

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