Friday, March 30, 2018

VERY enlightening message here from John Avery Emison:

John Emison:

I speculate in my book that the the "ice dart" pistol developed by CIA could have been used to kill Judge W. Preston Battle, Jr. who was just about to grant James Earl Ray's motion to withdraw his plea and stand trial. Battle's death was assumed heart attack 3 weeks after Ray's guilty plea hearing. NO autopsy. Seven years later Judge William Miller of the US Sixth Circuit likewise died of a heart attack. Both had Ray motions pending before their court at the time of death. When you go back and look at the Nix film, you don't see the debris spray that is visible on Zapruder. And it appears that the limo perceptibly slowed, just as Jackie Kennedy and others testified.

Ralph Cinque:

John, there are numerous suspicious heart attacks in the JFK case. Thank you for making me aware of ones in the MLK case. But, in JFK, we have Billy Lovelady who died suddenly of a heart attack in January 1979 right when the HSCA Final Report was coming out. There was huge turmoil about him, where finally, a lead attorney for the HSCA, Ken Brooten, after going to Colorado to talk to Lovelady, resigned from the HSCA so that he could represent Lovelady. And he got Lovelady excused from going to Washington and being forced to testify before the committee. Just think: in the raging controversy over who was the Man in the Doorway, there were only two possibilities, Oswald and Lovelady, and they did not make Lovelady go to Washington to testify under oath. So, he dies of a heart attack, supposedly, at the age of 41. David Sanchez Morales, the CIA hitman, died before he could testify. Richard Case Nagel, a non-smoker and a health nut, died of a heart attack one day before receiving a letter from the ARRB requesting information. That was in 1995. I'm glad you consider the ice bullet hypothesis plausible because so do I. The fact is that JFK was stupefied after he was shot, and the trauma alone does not account for it.

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