Saturday, March 31, 2018

I have decided that for every attack that is rendered, I am not only going to reply here, but I am going to add something to the OIC website to bolster the issue. For instance, in regard to the claim that the vee of Doorman's t-shirt is an optical illusion, that it's actually a t-shirt like this:

that happens to appear like this due to chin shadow
I added the following to my discussion of it on the OIC website:

The shadow claim for the vee is completely bogus, and all you have to do to know it is look at shadows under chins. They are never perfectly v-shaped and symmetrical and balanced and centered as we see on Doorman. They are usually awkward and asymmetrical and with no distinct shape at all. I have been looking at such shadows, literally, for years, and I have never seen one that matched the vee we see on Doorman or even came close to it. It's not shadow; it's the shape of his t-shirt; Oswald's t-shirt. 

So, we are going to proceed in that manner, and the result will be that the OIC website will have more content, more elaboration, more explanation, and more persuasive zing. Unwittingly, the pinks and the punks will be serving the cause of Oswald innocence and JFK truth.  

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