Sunday, March 25, 2018

Do you realize that Captain Will Fritz declared the JFK assassination closed on November 25? That was the day after "Ruby" supposedly shot Oswald. 

So, he declared the JFK murder solved: Oswald did it, and he did it alone. Period. After all, they found the paper trail of Oswald having ordered the rifle, the murder weapon, and there was no reason to doubt the authenticity of it- even though Oswald denied that he ordered or owned any rifle.  And even though his own police department found no usable prints, the FBI found Oswald's, and there was no reason to doubt the authenticity of that either. And, Oswald claimed to be out with Bill Shelley in front during the motorcade- and Shelley was indeed out in front during the motorcade- so Oswald's very knowing that Shelley was there was compelling confirmation that he was telling the truth. But, the fact was that OTHER PEOPLE, such as the new President's closest advisers, such as Cliff Carter and Bill Moyers were calling him and telling him that Oswald did it, and he needed to shut down the investigation. And do you know when they started hounding Fritz with that? On Friday afternoon. Keep in mind that Oswald didn't reach the PD until 2:00 Friday afternoon, and Fritz didn't start talking to him until 3:15. What do you think the percent chance is that Carter and Moyers were hounding Fritz to find for Oswald and shut down the investigation BEFORE Fritz even laid eyes or ears on Oswald? I'd say about 100%.  

Of course, Fritz didn't shut it down. He resisted. He waited until the 25th to shut it down, which was 3 whole days. But, it was still patently ridiculous that he closed the case on November 25th. "Ruby" had purportedly shot and killed Oswald on the 24th. So, when Fritz declared the JFK case over and done with on the 25th, what he was really saying is that he knew, not only that Oswald did it, and did it alone, but, in addition, Ruby did it and did it alone, and that there was no link whatsoever between Oswald and Ruby. Now, how could Fritz possibly claim to know all that on the 25th of November? Even Lennie Briscoe, the greatest of the Law and Order detectives, couldn't have figured all that out that fast. 

What's clear is that Fritz gave in to pressure to shut it down; pressure which began on November 22. Hmmm. A suspicious person would wonder whether those prodding him to shut the case down were somehow involved, or perhaps that their boss, the new President of the United States, was somehow involved. And, aren't policemen trained to be suspicious? Isn't that their stock in trade? So, why wasn't Fritz suspicious? I don't mean of Oswald, but of those urging him to shut down the case against Oswald.

Fritz wasn't suspicious because of that damn "Americana" thing again. After all, he knew that Carter and Moyers were speaking for the new President. And I am absolutely sure that they told him that they were speaking for the New President. As in: "President Johnson wants you to shut the case down." And, if you don't believe me, read Phil Nelson's book, LBJ: Mastermind. And Fritz was certainly not going to suspect anything dark and malicious about the new President. 

But, maybe Fritz's action of shutting down the JFK assassination investigation is telling us more than he intended to reveal. I mentioned that it was impossible for Fritz to know, at that point, that there was no link between Oswald and Ruby. Because, obviously, if there was the slightest link between them, then the investigation needed to remain open. 

But, what if Fritz had very concrete knowledge, certain knowledge that there was no link between Oswald and Ruby? What if he knew very well that Ruby didn't even shoot Oswald? Then, it made perfect sense for him to shut down the investigation. The only way Fritz could possibly know that there was no connection between Ruby and Oswald, or between Ruby and anyone else, is if my scenario is correct, that the garage shooting was a DPD spectacle in which the real Jack Ruby was the dupe and the dope. Then, it not only stood to reason that Fritz would shut down the investigation, it was also an absolute necessity. A real investigation- that was unfettered- would have led to his own police department and even to himself! This was a case of the wolf guarding the hen house.

I know a lot of people are still resistant to the idea that Ruby didn't do it, but they need to snap out of it. They resist it on the basis that Ruby admitted doing it. But, he really didn't. His position was that since his beloved Dallas Police told him that he did it, and since he trusted them and believed them, he accepted that he did. But, the truth is that he had no motive to do it (one was made up for him); he had no inclination to do it (not the slightest thought), and he had no memory of doing it. You don't even have to read between the lines to know that Ruby didn't do it. You just have to read the lines- his lines.  

How certain am I that Ruby didn't do it? I am as certain that Ruby didn't do it as I am that Oswald didn't do it. Now, if that doesn't impress you, I don't know what will. 


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