Sunday, April 1, 2018

I have taken the liberty of doing a major revision to Professor James Fetzer's statement on the OIC website concerning Carolyn Arnold. The evidence is clear now that her 1978 revision- in which she claimed to see Oswald eating in the second floor lunch room at 12:25- needs to be dismissed as bogus, and for multiple reasons. First, Oswald said he ate in the first floor lunch room, and he NEVER ate in the second floor lunch room. And others, such as Jack Dougherty, confirmed that Oswald always ate in the 1st floor lunch room. Second, NOBODY has the right to revise her story 5000+ days after something happened. Third, it was just hearsay. Did Earl Golz even speak to the real Carolyn Arnold, or was he duped? With so many doubles, such as Oswald doubles and Ruby doubles, there is no way to confirm that he ever spoke to Carolyn Arnold. 

So, this is how it now reads on the OIC website, and it concerns "out with Bill Shelley in front". 

Some have claimed Lee was not talking about his location during the shooting but some time thereafter.  But, that makes no sense at all since we know Lee was observed on and around the first floor at 11:50 AM, Noon, and 12:15 PM. The latter was reported by Carolyn Arnold on November 25 when she was interviewed by the FBI. She said she believed she saw Oswald between the double doors (which means, at the doorway) at 12:15. Professor Gerald McKnight suggested that it is likely that the FBI agent proffered the time of 12:15 in order to leave Oswald enough time to hustle up to the 6th floor. But others, smarter than FBI Agent Richard Emberling, realized that it was still a disaster for Oswald to be lingering on the first floor at 12:15. So, what happened is that the Gestapo returned to the TSBD in March 1964, and they got Carolyn Arnold to sign a statement saying that she didn't see Oswald at all. And then, they changed the time that she got outside to the accurate one: 12:25. And although Carolyn Arnold never testified to the Warren Commission, her November 25, 1963 FBI statement is one of the most damning statements to JFK Officialdom. Carolyn Arnold was a witness to Oswald at the doorway, and this 19 year old didn't realize on November 25 that it wasn't OK to say it.

So, Oswald could not have been referring to being outside with Bill Shelly before the shooting because the record shows that Shelley was one of the first outside while Oswald had not yet breached the glass door to go outside as late as 12:25. We presume that Oswald stepped outside right after Carolyn Arnold saw him at 12:25. But, that was the time of the motorcade, essentially. Within 90 seconds, after the shooting, Oswald had been accosted in the lunchroom by Roy Truly and motorcycle officer Marion Baker.
  Oswald could not have meant he was “out with Bill Shelly in front” after the shooting because Bill Shelly was not out there then.  Shelly said he left immediately, with Billy Lovelady, to walk down to the railroad tracks to look around. That was before Truly and Baker even entered the building. And when Lovelady and Shelly returned, they re-entered the building through the backdoor of the TSBD, and went to the base of the back stairwell (in the northwest corner (rear) of the building).  So, Bill Shelly was definitely not out in front when Oswald was leaving.

And Lee had no reason to lie about that. He wasn't committing a crime in leaving, and he did not need an alibi for it.

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