Friday, May 18, 2018

AMY JOYCE has come up with a very intriguing find. She found some rare footage of Oswald's ambulance arrival at Parkland which I had never seen before, and it is very different from the others I have seen.  You can watch it here:

What Amy noticed is that the guy getting out of the ambulance as Jim Leavelle does not look like Jim Leavelle. 

So, on the left, that's supposed to Jim Leavelle. He had his hat off, but he immediately put it back on. On the right is Leavelle from the Jackson photo. Do they look like the same guy to you? To me, the guy on the left looks younger. And to be honest, the guy on the right, who was definitely Leavelle, (it's from the Jackson photo) looks older than 43, which was Jim Leavelle's age in 1963. Doesn't he look older than 43 to you? And how old does he look on the left? I'd say mid-30s. Here is another comparison.

The image on the right was from March 1964, so a few months later. But again, the age difference is startling. But, there is something else that Amy found. Look again at the Jackson photo.
Notice that Leavelle on the right had a very slender ribbon or band going around his hat. Did the other guy?

Amy doesn't see the band, and neither do I. And before anyone spouts any technobabble claiming that it's Youtube's fault or the fault of the footage, this is from the same footage:
You see the band, don't you? And watch the footage again and notice that you never see Oswald. It was taken by a media photographer, right? Didn't he know that catching an image of Oswald was the whole idea of being there?

So, that photographer was sent there to capture a picture of Oswald being unloaded at Parkland Hospital, and he didn't come close to doing it, and that's incredible. And since there are the other images of Oswald, there is no reason to think it was any harder for this guy to get one. So, how could he possibly not point his camera at Oswald? Look below. How hard was that? 

That's from another footage, but how could the other guy not get something like it? How could he have gone there to capture an image of Oswald arriving at Parkland and not gotten anything?

Amy Joyce is utterly convinced that the young 30s looking guy was NOT Jim Leavelle, and if she's right, it means that that footage was some kind of reenactment, using actors.  

This is supposed to be the same guy on the same day.

I am drawn to Amy's conclusion. I can't fathom that guy being Leavelle. I just can't see it. And that means that that footage was a reenactment using actors. And they didn't have an actor to play Oswald convincingly, and that's why we don't see him in it.  

The Wizard made a good find too. He noticed that, in his final image, where Detective Dhority was clasping his hand as he lay on the stretcher, Oswald seems to be holding something in his hand. 

What is that in his hand? It looks like a rectangular object. But, there are other things to notice. Look how dark and hairy Dhority's forearm looks. It looks like the forearm of a gorilla. Look how small Oswald's hand looks. And why is his thumb blackened? And, there appear to be dark knuckles showing on Dhority, but then there are these white fingers coming around at an impossible angle.

I don't think anyone can make sense out of that arrangement of two hands. It is akimbo. It looks more like three hands. 

But, let's look at the big picture. I have been thinking for a long time that we have NEVER seen a real image of Oswald at Parkland Hospital. Why do I think that? First, we know he was in very bad condition- hovering near death when he arrived. His doctors said that he had zero blood pressure, that 80% of the blood in his body was exsanguinated, meaning outside of the blood vessels. And, they said that his heart was still beating, but very, very, very faintly. I'd expect a guy like that to look very very bad; to be extremely pale and to also be very listless and toneless. But, in this photo, which is supposedly Oswald's last photo, Oswald's color isn't bad, and he's making a fist. How can one make a fist without any blood? 

Then, there is another image of Oswald at Parkland that is definitely a different person.

Can you see that the man on the right had large cavernous nostrils while the man on the left had pinched nostrils? That's a deal-breaker, right there. Those two noses are extremely different. And before you ask which one was the real Oswald, stop and think: if they were resorting to phony images of him- even one- it means that they didn't want him to be seen, period. And that means that all the images of him are fake. So, both of these are not Oswald. 

Look: here's Oswald. Take a good look at his nose. 

Now, the other guy's nose:

Now, Oswald's nose:

Now, the other guy's nose:

Now, if you can't see that those are two different noses and two different men, just stay away from me.  I don't care what you think. I don't want anything to do with you. Just stay away from me.

So, why did they not want to show Oswald at Parkland Hospital? I suspect it's because they didn't want the public to see how bad his condition was, to see exactly what happened to him while under police custody and police protection. Perhaps they thought it would have garnered some sympathy for him. 

The bottom line is that the photographic imagery of Oswald at Parkland is just as riddled with photographic manipulations and photographic lies as the other images we've seen. And, it establishes, beyond a tiny shadow of a doubt, that the JFK assassination, of which the Oswald assassination is part, is the most photographically altered event of all time. 

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