Monday, May 14, 2018

There is a very important point about what happened to Jack Ruby that relates to human nature and the things that everyone knows, even instinctively. And that is that killing another human being is wrong. Every religion in the world teaches it, and I think it is something that people know instinctually, that is, without having to be taught. We inherently know that killing another human being is wrong. 

Well, in Ruby's case, we know that he did not realize that he shot Oswald until he was taken up to the 5th floor and told that by Dallas Police. And that is not in dispute. Even in the movie Ruby and Oswald from 1978, they had it that Ruby did not realize it until he was taken upstairs and told. 

And, it was broadly reported by the Dallas Police- not by spectators in the garage, but only by Dallas Police- that Ruby spoke during the melee. And all of the reports, including Ruby's, were about the same: that Ruby said, "What are you doing? I'm Jack Ruby. You know me. I'm not a crmiinal."  

All of the reports made it sound like Ruby, once pounced upon, did not know what the pouncing was for. But, if he knew he had shot Oswald, wouldn't he automatically know why police were pouncing on him?  Didn't Ruby, like everyone else in the world, know that police frown upon it when you rush up to someone and shoot him? If Ruby knew that he shot Oswald, he would not have been in a quandary about why Dallas Police were jumping him. He'd have known it full well. 

Ruby's lawyers argued in court that Ruby had no awareness of shooting Oswald and no conscious intent to do it. That claim was soundly rejected by the jury- as they voted to convict and execute. But, despite their rejection of it, that claim has become the official story. Isn't that weird? SO, THE LOSING ARGUMENT OF THE DEFENSE BECAME THE OFFICIAL STORY OF THE CASE. 

However, it gets complicated because every so often the media comes out with a story like the fireworks story that implies the Ruby knew what was going on, that he was in on JFK's murder and that others were in on Oswald's murder with him, that it was all one big conspiracy. But, make no mistake: the official story is, and always has been, that Oswald was a lone nut, and Ruby too was a lone nut.  

Two lone nuts.
Two lone nuts.
See how they strut.
See how they strut.
They both came out at the perfect time,
To land the excuse of a perfect crime.
To give the story some grit and some grime,
Those two lone nuts.

In Oswald's case, the false conspiracy story is that he was involved with other people in killing Kennedy. There is a conspiracy story, but that's not it. The real one is that both he and Kennedy were victims, and neither knew anything. Lee Oswald was no more involved in the Kennedy assassination than John Kennedy was.

And, it's the exact same thing with Ruby, where the false conspiracy story is that he was involved with other people in killing Oswald. But, as with Oswald, who knew nothing about the plot to kill JFK, Ruby knew nothing about the plot to kill Oswald. He had nothing to do with it except to be beguiled into showing up at the garage shortly before it happened, and then be finagled into thinking that he had done it. The framing of Jack Ruby stemmed around him being mentally incapacitated and Dallas Police knowing it. And that's why all this talk about Jack Ruby being signaled, and Jack Ruby being in a conspiracy with the Dallas Police or with the Mob is ridiculous. Do you not understand that Jack Ruby was mentally ill and had a big mouth, and nobody could possibly trust him to do anything. Do you really think that the Dallas Police, who knew Jack Ruby, were going to trust him to enter a crowded police garage with a loaded gun and do the proper killing? Yes, there was a conspiracy, but it wasn't WITH Jack Ruby, it was AGAINST Jack Ruby. 

And, the very fact that he was unaware of shooting Oswald until he was told that he did- and that is NOT in dispute- should tell you that he didn't do it. And that's because you can't assume that his awareness, his cognizance, conveniently disappeared for the seconds it took for the shooting and the melee and then came back. When he entered the garage, he recognized and afterwards recalled seeing Lt. Rio "Sam" Pierce in the squad car that pulled out. That was accurate. And after he was jumped in the garage, he accurately recalled what he said and what was done to him. And yet, he had a mental lapse which lasted for so many seconds right at the crucial moment? He missed forming a memory about shooting Oswald? Why should you believe that? The reason he had no memory of it is because he didn't do it. 

And that is why he did not know why people were jumping him in the garage. It wasn't because he was unaware that killing is wrong. It wasn't because he thought Dallas Police would pat him on the back for doing them the favor of killing Oswald. Jack Ruby was a devout Jew, and he knew very well that killing was wrong. And as deranged as he was, he was not unaware that police don't want anyone pulling a gun and shooting someone- that the whole order and safety of Society can't withstand that- no matter who the person is, and no matter how much he needs killing.

Jack Ruby was innocent. He was as innocent as Oswald. And, if you don't get that, then you are completely and totally in the dark about the JFK assassination.   


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