Saturday, May 12, 2018

OIC member, Dr. Thomas Halle, has discovered two documents that are of great importance. They were released just this year, and it's unclear why they weren't released last year in the big document dump. 

The first makes reference to tracking Oswald in Mexico City, and it makes reference to three intercepted phone calls, originally identified as Oswald's, but then, it says at the bottom that two of them are now attributed to some other unidentified person.

So, it says: "Later, it was determined that two of the telephone calls believed to have been made by OSWALD had been made by some other unidentified person." And, what are we supposed to believe? That the third call really was made by Oswald? You would have to be out of your mind to think that we are going to accept that. With all this tracking of Oswald, how could there not be a picture taken of him in Mexico City?  HE DID NOT GO TO MEXICO CITY! Mark Lane was right about that, and so is John Armstrong. It was all a ruse. And again: they asked Oswald, and they said he didn't go there. Why would he lie about it? How could it possibly matter when he was being charged with killing the President and a police officer. Who cares? Can't you see that it's trivial in comparison? 

But, this other document is even bigger. This is huge. For the first time, we have someone in the FBI casually referring to retouching photos to alter their content.

So, "not only retouch the background but also retouch face to degree obviously not identifiable with Ruby but also not with actual subject of photo."

Holy Blessed Virgin Mother of God!!! They are apparently talking here about a photo of someone who was made to look like Jack Ruby, but this guy, the writer, wanted it changed so that the image was no longer identifiable as Ruby nor as the original guy either. 

So, we have a direct reference here to the altering and falsifying of an image in the JFK assassination. I keep telling you that the JFK assassination is the most photographically altered event in the history of Man. Now, we have it in writing, in black and white, that they casually talked about doing this in the FBI. 

Be sure to read the rest of it too: If neither suppression nor alteration is possible, etc. This is a smoking gun that photographic alteration was a tool of the FBI in dealing with the evidence and insuring that it supported the official story- of both the JFK assassination and the Oswald assassination. 

Great find, Thomas, great find. 

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