Wednesday, May 23, 2018

This is the police car that followed the ambulance out of the Commerce Street exit. Look at the driver. Notice that he's wearing a dark suit and dark hat. Now, he wasn't a cop in uniform. They had white hats, and they weren't shaped like that. And most of Fritz' men wore the signature white Stetson hat. The two that didn't were Dhority and Graves, but Dhority was definitely in the ambulance. We saw him get in, and we saw him get out. And that means that this has to be LC Graves. 

But, Graves lied! He said that he rode in the ambulance. And, he's not the only one who lied. Dr. Bieberdorf made up a story that Leavelle rode with him in the middle compartment of the ambulance, and that the other two detectives rode in the back. WE SAW LEAVELLE CLIMB IN BACK, AND WE SAW HIM GET OUT THE BACK. We still have the images. So, why'd the Bieb lie? Someone must have put him up to it. Was he covering for Graves? 

Why were they so hell-bent on hiding the fact that Graves drove separately? 

Are you starting to realize that I am not wrong, that the story of what happened that day is not what really happened? 

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