Sunday, May 6, 2018

So, Bob Crowder retired from the Texas Rangers in 1967. And then, in 1969, when the state of Texas started this new regulatory body for regulating security guards- the kind that banks had (and still have, although it's not as common today) Bob Crowder joined it, and he must have been attending this exhibit on that basis. So, not as a former Texas Ranger but as a current official of a state agency that vetted bank security guards.

So, that caption isn't even accurate. At the time, Crowder was not a Ranger. He was a retired Ranger. At the time, he worked for a Texas state agency that regulated security guards. Private security gaurds. The kind that banks would hire. The kind that George Costanza wanted to bring a chair for so that he wouldn't have to stand all day.

So, that was an armed security guard at a clothing store. Funny stuff. But, banks used to have them. It's rare that you see them today. In fact, I can't remember the last time I saw a security guard at a bank. But, it used to be very common. So, in 1969 when that article came out, Bob Crowder was working at a newly formed agency that supervised these guys. And since banks often had them back then, it fit for him to be at that FBI conference on bank robberies. But, he was not there as a representative of the Texas Rangers, and he was not, at the time, in the Texas Rangers. 

So, this is former Texas Ranger Bob Crowder with his face made puffy like James Bookhout's. 

Was James Bookhout even there? Who knows. But, if he was, you can be sure that he didn't pose for any pictures. James Bookhout didn't do pictures. 

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